Episode 49


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I haven't listened to the episode yet but I wanted to chime in saying I loved PONYO. I am a huge Miyazaki fan and I thought PONYO was some of his most brilliant animation ever. That goes for the quiet moments as well as the sweeping action scenes. The story is spare and clean and brilliant and the characters have a humanity that is breathtaking. I loved it and my children loved it, although my three year old was scared of Ponyo's Daddy.

Re: Carl Macek - I know a lot of anime purists deride his contribution but if it wasn't for him I never would been introduced to MACROSS through ROBOTECH. A seminal show for me at the time. When I discovered the true nature of Robotech and it's roots I was shocked. Robotech was so well constructed that it all seemed to be one entity, not three separate shows mashed together. Anyway, I hold up ROBOTECH right along side STAR WARS as top flight space opera entertainment. It blew my mind as a kid. RIP, Carl.

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