Wil and Stu's RantCast

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It's not good. Or funny. But there are about 13 episodes on iTunes of mine and my best friends' podcast, and nobody listens to us (so at the minute, it's just our school friends listening to it).

It's called Wil and Stu's RantCast.

Dude, you should be in sales!

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It's literally just geek stuff. Whatever we feel like talking about. So far, there's:

1. Punisher: War Zone

2. Listening to albums we'd previously said we hated

3. Torchwood Series 3

4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

5. A review of three albums (which may or may not be kinda like Waiting for the Trade with music...but nothing can be proved and my friend doesn't even know what earth-2 is, so it's totally an homage on my part)

6. Watchmen

7. Sonisphere 2009

8. Some general outtakes

9. (For some reason this episode, our only comic episode, disappeared off the face of the earth...)

10. Top 10 of Everything

11. The Christmas Special

12. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour

13. New Moon

And some of it is really probably not that funny. We're both British. We both have friends who we wanted to amuse with it. But now we kinda want other people to listen to it, as well.

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