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So I got a whole bunch of stuff I want to get rid of...

Mostly tradepaperbacks. If it's part of a set, I'd like to sell the entire set.

I'm putting it up here to my Earth-2 bros first, in about 8 days, whatever doesn't have dibs is going on e-bay.

I'm pretty flexible, just make me a decent offer through pm and we'll talk. I've never shipped international before, so I don't know how that works, if you're willing to be patient and pay extra fees, I'm willing to learn. Remember any offer is the price of the books only, shipping and handling is extra. Everything is TPB unless otherwise stated.

So where do I start:

American Virgin vol. 1-4 (complete series)

Animal Man vol. 1-3 by Morrison (entire run)

Earth X by Alex Ross

Final Crisis HC and Crisis on Infinite Earths Lot

Hunter Killer vol. 1 by Mark Waid and Marc Silversti

The Losers ultimate edition vol. 1 (includes issues 1-12) by Andy Diggle

Planet Hulk HC (no dust cover) (entire storyline) by Greg Pak

Seven Soldiers of Victory vol. 1-4 by Morrison (complete series)

Strange Lot (William Gravel character) by Warren Ellis:

Strange Kiss, Stranger Kisses, Strange Killings, Strange Killings: The Body Orchard, Strange Killings: Necromancer, Strange Killings: Strong Medicine

Warren Ellis Independent Lot:


Red/Tokyo Storm Warning TPB

Mek/Reload TPB

Ultimate Iron Man vol. 1-2 (complete series) by Orson Scott Card

Anybody want anything?

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