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I can't believe how awesome this game looks, and it's running on a 360 in this demo.


Looks good, but its got a lot of the hallmarks that left me with such a bad taste in my mouth after playing Quake IV. I know they farmed that one out, but the vehicle combat was shite and the game as a whole felt remarkably stale. Believe me, I'm a huge id fan from back in the day, I was playing Wolfenstein before Doom was released, and followed Quake religiously through its first two iterations. I even liked Raven, the company that did Quake IV, since they had an arguably even better record of games I liked, from Heretic and Hexen, Voyager: Elite Force and their involvement in the Jedi Knight series. That's how bad Quake IV was, that's how much it ruined it all for me, and this, whilst once again pretty (id doesn't make bad engines) feels a lot like an updated version of the same thing, with little actual in-game innovation. 1001 weapons and tricks mean nothing if the game isn't well plotted out.

I doubt this will be as good as Half-Life has been, and Halo's more than doing its bit (with more dynamic environments than Rage appears to have too). I'll have to see widespread reviews calling this a return to form before I get into it.

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