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Extra Lives has gone official! In this first episode, Aaron and Damien have no shortage of things to disagree on, least of which being the featured God Hand. The guys also come away from Alan Wake with wildly differing opinions, but still find the time to shine a flashlight on their souls. The emotional roller coaster doesn't stop there, as other topics include the villainous potential of Kirby, the upsides of loneliness, the inherent boredom found in German suplexing robots, and gasp only 10 seconds of Street Fighter talk. Check it out! [ 1:21:20 || 37.5 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/extralives/episodes/extralives_001.mp3

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DW, you're friends with the guys who wrote the theme song, right? Please link us to the website, 'cause these guys are really good, and I wanna hear more.

It's just one guy. His name is Random. We're going to plug his stuff at the end of every episode because he did me a huge favor here.

His website is www.megaran.com.

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I've found it on iTunes! I'm listening to it now and will probably send in feedback for episode #2 rather than post here.

With regards to evil Kirby, I'm not sure if the hosts are familliar with the web series "There Will Be Brawl". I've only ever watched the last (35 minute) episode of its series of 10, but from what I can tell, it's a fucked up version of Smash Brothers, acted completely straight. That episode is here and, if you can get past the "effects" gone into making Kirby, his scenes are at the 23:30 and 33:30 marks. And they will be spoiler-rific if you want to watch the entire thing, but I haven't bothered as of yet.

But yes, Kirby = evil.

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That was a great, fun show, guys. My only suggestion would be to spend a little more time on the game slated for discussion. Though I suspect the nature of God Hand, as well as the fact that you only covered one level, played a part in the limited amount of time spent on the game.

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I'd say first episodes of any new game are going to go that way, mostly due to us introducing what it's about and giving everyone a sense of how we're going to break down the levels. We're going to do Godhand in 2 and 3 level chunks so there will definitely be more to say, but I don't see us spending 45 minutes each time like we did with Chrono Trigger.

The original idea was that the whole show would just be the playthroughs but we added the other stuff in an effort to be somewhat current. It's kind of a double-edged sword in that it shouldn't overshadow the main segment, but at the same time, I want there to be stuff for the people that don't play along, who I'd imagine are going to be the majority of those listening, at least this early on.

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