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Mr. Keith

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Since the other EWR topic was brought up here, I figured this was the place to do it.

Does anyone know if you can still dl the free version that they use to provide? I went to their site and couldn't find it anywhere. I wanna go back on EWR, but am cheap to pay for it; especially after all my Holiday spening. <_<

Any chance people can help me out here?

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Yoda: Yeah, TEW was the version I was talking about that costs money. I've always just assumed that they always called it the same thing.

ragernok2002: I've checked there before and gave it another shot just now, there's really nothing you can go to on the web site besides a link to .400 Software and a contact section. Though I did gave Ryland an email asking about it, in hopes that maybe something will come out of it.

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