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So, I blog sometimes. Sometimes I forget I blog for months on end. This is me trying not to do that anymore since I want to start writing a lot more and I figure this is a good habit. I just started going through the Disney animated films today with Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs. Most of the reviews are going to consist of a very sarcastic in depth synopsis followed by an honest review of the film.

Also, I wrote up a prelude to the so called Disney Experiment right here.

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Doing my usual "24 hours of Christmas Specials" thing so I'll be upsating this as the goes on starting around 2 tonight. I'll just edit the post to save everyone a headache.

The Christmas Experiment 2010: Prelude

Hours 1 & 2

Hours 3 & 4

Hours 5 & 6

Hours 7 & 8

Hours 9 & 10

Hours 11 & 12

Hours 13 & 14

Hours 15 & 16

Hours 17 & 18

Hours 19 & 20

Hours 21 & 22

Hours 23 & 24

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Hello, one and all. As the Christmas Season begins anew, why don't you check out Will's Annual Christmasanity event, The Christmas Experiment in which I subject myself to 24 hours of Christmas stuff. I'll post links to each blog post as it goes up, editing them into this post so I'm not spamming the board or anything. So, enjoy some hot cocoa and delight in my torture.


Hours 1 & 2: Miracle on 34th St (1994)

Hours 3 & 4: Jingle All the Way

Hours 5 & 6: Oprah and Charlie Brown

Hours 7-9: A Nap

Hours 10-12: Home Alone 2 or Saw 0.

Hours 13 & 14: The Walt Disney Parade

Hours 15 & 16: Outside of my Demographic

Hours 17 & 18: Lights and Cupcakes

Hours 19 & 20 Julie Cooper & Jack Frost

Hours 21 & 22: Lifetime Hell Movie

Hours 23 & 24: Christmas Vacation

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