Episode 423


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OW. Ow. Ow. I can kinda see where you're coming from but ow :) . The Jurgens Titans is actually one of my favorite runs. I feel like Preston after someone ripped into The Question. Oh well, different strokes and all that.

To answer your questions, the kid with the flaming hands became Joto, who is supposed to be Hotspot on the cartoon. They changed the name because apparently "Joto" is a dirty word in Spanish (something Jurgens seems to have known, since he had a Spanish speaking character make a joke about it later).

The pasty girl does become Argent. The hooded character was Lilith from the original Titans series. Yes, they really are called the Titans because of the moon. That's where the aliens were based in issue 2. A reporter overhears Prysm talking about that in issue 3 and misinterprets it as the team's name, setting up a Nightwing team-up in issue 5.

Re: Robin - Rumor has it Jurgens originally wanted Nightwing to be the mentor but the Batman office refused, so he went with the Atom. Fans later voted for Robin to join the team but the Batman office nixed that as well, forcing Jurgens to settle for the runner up, Captain Marvel Jr.

Dan Jurgens was the guy who really wanted a teenaged Ray Palmer. He set it up in Zero Hour #1 IIRC. He later took credit for it in a Wizard interview.

I can sympathize with having issues with the DCAU Question after reading the comics. I read the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibuses because I enjoyed his appearances on STAS. However, after seeing Kirby's take on the character the Timm version feels like a petty thug instead of the introspective mastermind from the comics.

Exiles - The first few issues were drawn by Mike McKone. I know Califore filled in on issues 11 but McKone was on the book `til at least issue 15. Thanks for the warning about issue 90 on.

Great episode guys! Even the parts I disagreed with. Can't wait until the next one.

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