Super Bowl commercial starring Captain America


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Bodybuilder Bob Cicherillo will star as Captain America in a Visa Super Bowl commercial this year. Along side him will be Thor (Gunter Schlierkamp), Wolverine (David Hughes) and Spider-Man (Johnny Nguyen; stunt double from Spider-Man films).

Bob Cicherillo


Gunter Schlierkamp


David Hughes


Johnny Nguyen


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I don't mind a bodybuilder playing Thor. I can accept that one plays Captain America, but I don't have to like it.

That they actually got a bodybuilder to play Wolverine pisses me off to no end. Fucking idiots. That guy doesn't look like Wolverine at all.

Spidey's gonna look like a shrimp.

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First, Cap and Spidey will have masks on, so who cares what they look like? Second, Thor should look very Norwegian (he is a Norse god). (I know that guy's German, but he could pass as Thor for 60 seconds.) Third... well... let's hope Wolverine has his mask on too, because that dude is fugly!

As for Spidey looking small... uh... he is. He's just an average dude with inconspicuous muscles.

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