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I love the reason this show is called Ditz.

The Disney Channel have snapped up the rights to a new creation by Neal Adams, an as-yet unpublished comic series about a teenage girl with the ability to leap out of her body and into others and control those instead. Here’s the funny bit: while she’s out of her head, so to speak, her body wanders around in a scatterbrained, yet still functioning state.

Oh yes. Hilarity will ensue.

It does sound like a very sweet set up for a teenager-friendly comedy. Less promisingly, The Hollywood Reporter name the man put in charge by Disney as Steve Marmel, the creator of Sonny With A Chance, latterly So Random. I saw some of that on a plane once and while the kids performing in it were affable enough, it really seemed to be low-balling the audience.

Adams created the concept at least eight years ago, judging from the 2003 copyright he’s applied to it. Here’s the pitch from his official site:

DITZ THE SCATTERBRAIN- Lizzie Mcguire meets Men in Black.

A seemingly normal teenager, who is the daughter of an alien and an ex-astronaut is recruited by our Intelligence Department because she possess the unique ability to enter other peoples and visiting alien’s brains and control them.

Only thing is, when she does this, it temporarily depletes her own brain power and she (herself) is reduced into the level of a scatterbrained ditz.

Note that the THR report differs slightly, not mentioning astronauts and aliens but “a rookie mystical guardian”. Indeed, you’ll see that the following images represent different takes on the premise.

Bleeding Source

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