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Hey guys, I need some thoughts on a few different books/runs that I've been interested in. So comments on the following:


Captain America (After Man With No Face arc, I have Bru's run through that arc): So basically thoughts on the Road to Reborn saga and beyond...also any thoughts on Brubaker's Steve Rogers Super Soldier Mini?

Moon Knight: I'm talking about both the original run collected in Essentials and Charlie Huston/Mike Benson's Five Trade Run? I've never read Moon Knight before. I'm not all that familiar with the character but I heard both these runs are the definitive take on the character. Generally I gravitate towards grounded, street level characters/ dark characters with my two favorites being Daredevil and Batman, and this seems like it's in the same vein.

Fantastic Four:

Stan Lee's Fantastic Four Run

John Byrne's Fantastic Four Run

Hickman's Fantastic Four

I've read the beginning of Waid's run and enjoyed it, also enjoyed what I read in the Ultimate run (about the first 6 volumes). But I heard these following runs are the definitive runs. Mainly it's sparked by my interest in Cosmic universe. Mainly interested in Lee's run but thoughts on the other definitive run and the current run I'd like to hear them. I would add Millar's run in there but I'm beginning to find myself not liking anything he's ever done.

Cosmic Marvel: Basically all the major things from Cosmic Marvel...I've never read Cosmic Marvel before, but like I said my interest has recently been sparked.

Both Classic -

Death of Captain Marvel

Rebirth of Thanos

As in the Infinity Crossovers (Infinity Gauntlet/War/ and Crusade)

and Modern -

Annihilation and Anni Conquest,


Guardiands of the Galaxy

War of Kings

Realm of Kings

Thanos Imperative

Ed Brubaker's X-men: Deadly Genesis and Rise and Fall of the Shiar Empire: As in they're part of the Cosmic event universe.


Giffen's JLI/JLE

Morrison's JLA

Harley stories (Mad Love, Preludes and Knock Knock Jokes)

Gotham City Sirens

Gotham Central

The Question - both the old and new

John's Green Lantern

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With Moon Knight, older is generally better. The Huston run went in a weird direction and didn't really work. The only new stuff I'd recommend would be Vengeance of the Moon Knight, and even then, only the first Volume.

Everyone else here is a lot better equipped to tell you about the rest.

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