Beasts of Burden


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For the most, Hollywood movies starring animals fall either into the cutesy kiddie variety or category of cutesy kiddie with pop culture references for adults thrown in. It appears that standard may soon be shattered.

The Hollywood Reporter today had the news that "Beasts of Burden" – the multiple award-winning horror mystery series from Evan Dorkin, Jill Thompson and Dark Horse Comics – has been optioned for film by producer Andrew Adamson. The CG-animated project will also include Adamson's partner at Strange Weather Films Aron Warner and Dark Horse's Mike Richardson on the production team. Adamson and Warner previously produced and directed several "Shrek" films for DreamWorks.

Started as a series of short stories in Dark Horse's horror anthologies, "Beasts of Burden" won an Eisner Award after its initial outing and soon graduated to a series of mini series starting in 2009. The comic tells the story of neighborhood animals who team together and combat supernatural forces and has crossed over with Dark Horse's marquee hero Hellboy.

The film version will be created by the Reel FX team of Ed Jones and Cary Granat, formerly of ILM and Walden Media respectively. Dark Horse’s Keith Goldberg and Strange Weather’s Jeff Fierson will be executive producer and co-producer while Reel FX’s head of feature development Jared Mass will work from that company's end of the deal.


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