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You had a lot of good points in that review. I also found that the story was slow and the music(in comparison) sucked. I was surprised that you beat it in 50 hours though(it took me 65).

Also I'm sad to say that there is a lot of leveling up that you have to do in the first game(unless you find the secret training spot). It speeds up a lot after Marsh Cave though. At least it's not as bad as the original version(one attack takes 5-8 seconds).

I suggest you also try the first Final Fantasy Tactics. There is a LOT of storyline(so much that I almost had to write down everything that happened) in that one. Also there are about 20 different battle themes. The characters are well developed. You don't have to spend as much time leveling up; although, battles can take as long as 30 minutes near the beginning. Also, it's easy to level up in this game because you gain exp in mid-battle(which means you can keep attacking then healing the person you attack). There are also many side-quests later in the game. All of the things that made this game great seem to be missing from FFT:Advance.

Also let's not forget "The best insult next to 'Dweebinheimer' and 'Spoony Bard'"

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I suggest you also try the first Final Fantasy Tactics.

HA! I actually went to Target an hour ago (before I read your post) and bought this. I'll hit Best Buy tomorrow to grab Final Fantasy Anthology (V and VI; but six was the US III so that's confusing... especially considering the DS is getting the real III later this year).

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