Valhalla: Chapter III: The Dire Stone


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Valhalla: Volume I

Chapter III : The Dire Stone

Written by: Reece Heinen

On the shores of the Dark Lakes Deltacron squared off against his brother, Colossor, and his lackeys.

"Brother, this wellspring is mine." Colossor threatened. "Find your own."

"I'm afraid no wellspring is yours, Colossor." Deltacron said through gritted teeth. He clenched his robotic fist together and punched his brother back. The grunts sprang forward, but Deltacron was able to throw them off, while crushing others.

The lake started to vibrate and hissing filled the air. Suddenly, giant green snakes with spiny arms clawed their way onto land, slicing through Colossor's men. The red men fought off a few vipers, but their leader leaped up and crushed the survivors.

"What is this?" Colossor asked. He pushed Deltacron back and went for the viper leader. After a few seconds of hand to hand combat Colossor had a nasty gash on his cheek and he leaped up for his portal. His remaining followers took off with him. The giant snake turned towards Deltacron.

"I am the Venoc Warlord of General Ullar. What is your purpose here?" the warlord hissed.

"I am Deltacron from the planet Earth, year 2346. I came to this world to protect the powerful wellsprings from evil creatures that are coming." Deltacron explained.

"General Ullar would be most interested in this." the Venoc Warlord pondered. "Will you travel with us to his fortress?"

"Yes," Deltacron said. "The Archkyrie of this world must unite or all is lost."

On Feylund, Marhana's son, Morsbane was the current Elf Banisher and he now wielded the Rod of Negation. He was gathered with the Nine, powerful wizards in the elven world.

"My friends I have gathered you here today for the safety of our world. The dark lord Khosumet is moving hordes of his wolves to take the Dire Stone for their power." Morsbane said.

"Where is the stone now, Banisher?" Emirrroon asked.

"Our Princess Kyntela has taken the gryphillin, Theracus and is racing back to secure the Stone. We are to guard her when the wolves attack." Morsbane told the young elf. Chardris and his daughter Jorhdawn nodded.

"Where are Ulginesh and Sonlen?" another wizard asked.

" I sent them to secure our line of defense, Arkmer." Morsbane said. "Also, the archer, Syvarris, was tasked with protecting Kyntela from afar. He's the greatest marksman on Feylund."

Somewhere within the deep forests of Feylund, Syvarris had tried his best to lead a threat away from Kyntela, but now it was following him. He found some high ground on a boulder embedded in the ground and aimed an arrow at the unmoving forest.

"Where are you Khosumet?" the elf muttered to himself. Abruptly, the woods seemed to tear themselves apart as a giant foul-smelling troll burst forward with a giant club. Syvarris was surprised to see Krug, but he quickly shot arrows at the monster. Krug charged forward, slashing at the archer. Syvarris back flipped and lined at an arrow at the troll's head. Krug was about to squish Syvarris with his club, but the elf vanished into nothing. The troll was left to scratch his head.

Agent Carr and his Krav Maga agents appeared in a vast throne room, made completely of grey stone. They looked around for any sign of life.

"Welcome Krav Maga agents." said a deep voice. Carr pivoted and pointed his pistol. An old man with black hair and large grey wings sat in a throne.

"Who are you?" Carr asked.

"I am your savior, General Vydar. You will serve my army in this war against the evil forces of Utgar..."

Sergeant Drake Alexander, Raelin, and Kelda wandered the empty foothills.

"Well, human let's see if you have what it takes to survive in Valhalla." Raelin told Drake. She raised a spear towards Drake's face and he bashed it away with the Katana of Thorian.

"Raelin, Drake, look!" Kelda screamed. On the other side of the field Drake could make out a couple of small robots marching very slowly.

"What are those things?" Drake asked.

"Soulborgs working for Utgar!" Raelin shouted. One of the robots raised a machine gun and started firing at Drake. Through Thorian's speed Alexander dodged the bullets. He held his Katana towards the advancing Soulborgs.

Back at Jandar's fortress, an Airborne Elite guarded a corridor with an automatic rifle. He paced down the hall and turned around to go back. Suddenly, a scythe splattered into his chest and he fell over dead. His corpse was moved aside and a newly conjured skeletal reaper scuttled down the hallway.

To be continued...


Heroscape is a creation of Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast

Deltacron & Colossor are Battle Ball custom figures

The Skeletal Reaper is owned by Fen_Hydra


Morsbane bio

Zettian Guards bio

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