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I'm mostly excited since we didn't get Final Mix over here. If it sells well enough, I can see them doing the same for 2 with an HD remake of Birth by Sleep Final Mix and the cut scenes from the DS games (or vice versa).

Overall, it feels like we might finally be getting a Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement at E3.

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Having just beat a playthrough of Kingdom Hearts 2 recently, I'm still psyched. I spent half of yesterday with Matt just running down how much the Final Mix added to Kingdom Hearts 2. Getting the Final Mix of Birth by Sleep is the icing on the cake. I can give or take the cinematics for Re: Coded since Dream Drop Distance is more integral to the overall plot but then, oh well. Guess when I pick up a 3DS in the next couple of months for Pokemon, that gives me another game to get.

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PSYCHED for this. Even though KH2 isn't as good of a game overall as the first, it's much more modern of a game and will benefit from the upgrade a lot more. KH1 kind of felt like a late-era PS1 title, but KH2 almost looks like it was made for HD in the first place. Also, as someone who never owned a PSP and never intends to own one, I'm glad I can finally play through Birth By Sleep.

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