Library CD Roulette #4

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No witty intro. I think this is the first normal set I have done. On with the show.


Because I Can by Daphne Willis

Release Date - 2011

Run Time - 36:39

Cover Art - Uninteresting

Reason for Rental - The only library featured pop album featuring a female vocalist.

Listening Experience - I hear potential here. Willis has some vocal talent for the most part. A few hiccups here and there but nothing that made my ears bleed. What is really not quite there is the songwriting. I think she should ease up on being a singer/songwriter and focused on being just a singer. I think working with a seasoned songwriter would help her immensely. This album did not put me off for good. I can see myself giving her fifth or sixth (this was her third) album a listen to see if she reaches her potential.

Score - Pass, but remember the name and check back in five years or so.


My First Holly Golightly Album by Holly Golightly

Release Date - 2005

Run Time - 56:39

Cover Art - Simple, in a good way

Reason for Rental - The song “Further On Up The Road”. I liked when Clapton did it, so I’ll give this a try. If it is a cover that is. Could be something else entirely. Let’s find out.

Listening Experience - My library say this is rock. iTunes says that it is Alternative + Punk. This couldn’t be more Blues + Jazz if it tried. This would be a good album, but the production can make it a little hard to get through. The vocal mix is specially troubling, because you can really hear how good she can be on some of the tracks on the back half of the album (specifically “My Love Is”).

Turns out this is not my first Holly Golightly album. When I was getting the image, I saw that I had gotten the album “Serial Girlfriend” from the library at some point in the past. The fact I did not remember the name says a lot.

Score - I cannot call it bad, because it is not. Average seems right. This will be my last Holly Golightly album at any rate. Unless, I forget again.


What‘s The Time Mr. Wolf? by The Noisettes

Release Date - 2007

Run Time - 38:30

Cover Art - Cheesy, yet it works.

Reason for Rental - The cover art.

Listening Experience - Meh. Nothing stands out on the album. Everything just sound standard. The vocals, guitars, lyrics; all standard. I don’t really have much more to say about the music itself. Instead, I am going to rant about people. Understand that just because you got something from the library does not mean you can treat the items like garbage. I could not listen to the entire album because it was way too scratched. Treat the items with respect. If you want to toss it around, go buy yourself a copy.

Score - Completely passable.


Freaked Out and Small by The Presidents of the United States of America

Release Date - 2000

Run Time - 1:06:06

Cover Art - Nondescript

Reason for Rental - It’s the PotUSA.

Listening Experience - This is the last album in my out of order run through the PotUSA catalog. I just don’t know what happened to them. Their first, self-tilted album is excellent. Fun, light pop songs that are instantly catchy and memorable. Most people still remember the band because of the song “Peaches”. Every album since just doesn’t have the same fun. It is just perplexing as the band sounds exactly the same. Yet, the fun just isn’t there. The most fun I had was when the song “Tiger Bomb” made me think of

Score - Go into your closet, dust off your copy of their 1st album and listen to that. And don’t forget to watch the “Peaches” music video. It has ninja. Who doesn’t love random ninja fights?



Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks by Various Artist

Release Date - 1996

Run Time -

Cover Art - Lost at some point.

Reason for Rental - Special request by me. Was searching the system for some Ween and I got this.

Listening Experience - I remember watching the Schoolhouse Rock! shorts while watching Saturday during their revival in the early 90s. I don’t know that I have seen them all, but I certainly remember all the more famous ones. This album does a good job of covering most of the better known songs, although I would have loved a rendition of “Figure Eight”. As with any covers album, some songs work (Blind Melon’s “Three is a Magic Number”), some don’t (Pavement’s “No More Kings”) but it is always a nice trip down memory lane. Except for “Little Twelvetoes”, which I do not remember at all. I honestly am shocked that the SHR! Team tried to introduce the cartoon viewing public to the concept of a base 12 number system. The Mathematic teacher part of me is really impressed by that.

Score - At the end of the day I’d rather spend my money on the originals, which are available on a two disc set I believe. Heck, as soon as the album was done I went onto YouTube and watched a bunch of clips. Which then lead to watching Animaniacs clips. Which lead to watching Bill Nye clips. My night was killed, but entertaining.

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