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Starting next week, the following schedule will take effect:

Mondays: Versus

Tuesdays: Review [comic books]

Wednesdays: Wallpaper

Thursdays: Review [video games]

Fridays: [rotating; whatever I feel like putting up that day]

This will hopefully provide the site with a sense of stability.

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New schedule:

Mondays: Versus/[rotating]

Tuesdays: Review [comic books]

Wednesdays: Wallpaper

Thursdays: Review [video games]

Fridays: [rotating]

I've decided that the battles in the Versus forum should stay open for two weeks, which will put Mondays on a rotating schedule. That means I might publish a Versus battle (as I have been these past few weeks; so there would be two open at once), or I might publish a review or a column or whatever really.

The reason for this is twofold. First, one week isn't really long enough for some of these fights, and, by keeping them open longer, it's my hope that discussions/arguments will have more time to blossom. Second, I don't want to blow through characters too quickly. As it stands, I've mostly used well-known comic book characters, but, before long, we'll end up with fights between Cypher and Doop. And though my intention is to use more movie and video game characters, writing their bios takes more time as I'm not as knowledgeable in those areas (at least when it comes to character backstories) as I am with comic books. Having said all that, two weeks in between fights will allow for a slower pace and will grant me more time to research characters I'm less familiar with.

I hope this change is openly accepted.

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