A Few Words on Before Watchmen


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In the coming days and weeks -- and then again when the books are set to be released this summer -- you'll be hearing a lot about Before Watchmen, the prequel to the critically acclaimed Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. As of this moment we're still only working on scraps of details; the creators involved and that the prequel will be a series of miniseries is all that's known, leaving the plots as question marks for the moment. And even if we knew the plots, it wouldn't smother the indignation that comic book readers are feeling. The idea of this project is one thing, but to actually bring it to life is another thing. And that, I will assume, is where most people will focus their anger. However, my stance is far from that.

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Thinking about it, I'd much rather have a Watchmen sequel than a prequel. I'm not terribly down on the idea of this prequel, mind you, but a sequel would be better. We look at Watchmen as a period piece today, but it really was made specifically for its time. It'd be interesting to follow the Watchmen timeline up to today's world and see how those events are now playing out alongside all our modern real-world problems.

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