Next-gen Madden game to debut during NFL Draft


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From IGN:

Next-Gen Madden

EA to unveil first-look during NFL Draft. First screenshot!

by Jon Robinson

April 18, 2005 - EA Sports announced today that they will finally unveil a first look at Madden NFL football for the next-gen systems in a commercial airing this Saturday during the NFL Draft. No specific time was given, other than stating that the commercial will appear during the first hour of the draft (starting at 12PM EST) on ESPN.

"We have had a dedicated team working on next generation Madden NFL football and we cannot wait for Madden fans to get a sneak peek at the experience that awaits them," said Frank Gibeau, Senior Vice President of North American Marketing for Electronic Arts. "An innovative and unparalleled NFL football experience is what we've promised; and that is what we are going to deliver."

The 60 second ad will only air once during the broadcast, but promises to deliver "the photo-realistic graphics and heart-pounding football intensity that is the essence of the EA Sports; branded next generation Madden NFL football game, and representative of what game players everywhere will be able to play when the next generation of videogame consoles come to market."

Tune in to ESPN this Saturday to watch, not only the future of the NFL, but now, the future of NFL videogames.


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We'll I'm sure many on hear will bitch and moan regardless of how good it is now that they have exclusivity of the NFL name.

Unless the controllers change with more buttons or 4 analog sticks (2 where L2 and R2 are), I'm not sure what else they can do to improve the franchise. Plus no 60 second add will be able to give me the feel of the game.

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