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I along with several other dye-in-the-wool Spider-Man fans co-host a monthly podcast (3-4 episodes per month) on the Arachna-Knight himself Spider-Man! In between podcasts are dozens of reviews, articles and other content day-to-day. Check us out at http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/wordpress/

I and others provide the same exact service for The Batman Universe.net. I'm a co-host on the Comic-Cast which is a bi-weekly podcast covering the modern bat-Books, and a monthly cast offers up news on everything else related to the Masked Manhunter. Check us out at http://thebatmanuniverse.net/

Finally, I along with my co-host Jesse head The Next Dimension: A Dragon Ball Z podcast. This is a monthly show where the two of us tackle several episodes/manga chapters of the DBZ story. It's the BotI/ Shake and Blake approach where I'm more of a long-term fan and he's a relative newcomer, which spawns scintillating discussion covering the Dragon Ball Z series. Check us out at http://dbznextdimension.libsyn.com/

All three can be found on iTunes as well. If you're interested in any of the three, give us a listen!

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