Mike and Dan - Big Finish?

David Gallagher

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I know you've both heard Big Finish plays, but have either of you heard more than a few? There's a great spinoff series for Jago And Litefoot which has just led to a release called Voyage To Venus where J&L travel with the Sixth Doctor. Totally delightful! The best news is that it is available from the BF site for only £1 as a download.


What are people's favourite BF stories?

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I picked up Voyage to Venus and enjoyed it immensely. I've asked my brother to get Dark Eyes for me for Christmas. I've got The One Doctor which is just incredibly funny and well worth anyone's time and I have An Earthly Child stashed away, still requiring a listen.

Outside of Doctor Who, I've also listened to Judge Dredd: Solo, where the entire cast list is Toby Longworth, and Strontium Dog: Back to Earth with Simon Pegg providing Jonny Alpha's voice. I'd highly recommend both.

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