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  1. The Great Escape migt be fun. One of those big war films with an ensemble. Usual Suspects.
  2. I'm all for Hamill coming back - and Leia. It's a saga about the SKywalkers after all but Solo could easily be dead in this cntinuity. Id' rather have that than a half sleeping Harrison Ford picking up 20million for just showing up and not giving a shit like in Indy 4 and Cowboys V Aliens.
  3. Hmmmm. Big fan of the Oz world and of Raimi but I hope the film isn't as "Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland" as the trailer makes it out to be.
  4. Like the idea of not using the same tired rogues gallery but let's face it - the minute ratings dip the network will have Joker on screen ASAP.
  5. I'm sure it will, and will feature more of a "threat" from Shannon's Zod.
  6. Cooper is stunningly good casting. Dafoe was great as the camper Goblin but here I'm hopng to get the single minded businessman Osborn who loves his son even though he makes no time for him. I also want to wait at least untill Spidey 3 before he becomes the Goblin.
  7. Thought Adele's performance of Skyfall was stunning at the Oscars.
  8. So.....Great Muppet Caper again?
  9. Dark Knight is my favourite and I think Memento is his best. Maybe if Guy Pearce was Bruce Wayne I'd have voted a Bat-film as best!
  10. I thought McFarlane was brilliant. Apparently a few people from the Academy were angry wth some of his work thiking he went too far. It's Seth McFarlane for Christ's sake! That's what he does. I'm no Family Guy fan but I thought Ted was a lot of fun.
  11. Mine too. Actually you had it yesterday when I discovered that the role of Lecter's therapist was being played by Gillian Anderson. Anything Mads Mikkelsen does gets my attention. A Royal Affair and The Hunt are two of the best films in recent year and he's stunning in both.
  12. Doctor Who is MY show but Sherlock is 6 for 6 in terms of really good episodes so that's the "best" so far. In fac I'd say 5 of the 6 Sherlock episodes are BRILLIANT with The Blind Banker just slighly below the rest and even that is bloody good stuff.
  13. Don't know if you'd do a tv series but MASH or West Wing would be great.
  14. I liked the film quite a bit but for someone who like me has a history with the theatrical production (not a stereotypical gay at all, honest) it's a bit like catching a truncated edited for tv version of a film you love - all the basics are there but a lot of the little details are missing. Understandable as there just wasn't time to adapt the whole production for a big screen outing. Casting was great and though his voice was a weak link Russell Croew still brought his usual intensity to Javert.
  15. I loved Patterson Joseph in this. When I was a teen there was SO little sci-fi or cult programming in the UK (plenty of US imports) that evens like Neverwhere were small miracles.