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Hi everyone,

Every odd-numbered episode will begin the discussion of a book from this list. Again, obviously this is not supposed to be ironclad, but it's a jumping off point that's as good as any. The following even-numbered episode will continue coverage of that novel if it's warranted; if not, a short story will be covered. The novels have been chosen, but short stories (which will cover all genres; SF, fantasy, horror, what have you) can be suggested if you have any you'd like to see looked at.

The next few things we cover will be:

Hyperion, Dan Simmons

Rendezvous With Rama, Arthur C, Clarke

Ringworld, Larry Niven

Neuromancer, William Gibson

Feel free to write in ahead of time to chime in with any thoughts you have re: the books.

This will be updated regularly with new books.

Thanks for listening!

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