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  1. good review of a film that was one of my least liked for a long time Well it was until i saw Highlander:the Source which (apart from the benny hilling) i found so awful it helped me sort of enjoy number 2 (yes i am strange) though not to the extent i am in any rush to put it on
  2. good podcast can't believe seem to already be half way through ecclescakes I don't mind Rose, though can totally see why some find her annoying (personally the mighty Donna is my favorite new companion, maybe Rory could of topped her if he'd thrown a silence off the pyramid, but no, he was too busy with the whole end of the universe/marriage stuff. In fact anyone would of done, he could of lobbed River off for all i cared ) Rose does give me a good lol moment, probably a bit random, but it's when she pops up with a massively oversized gun to stop some looters or something. If she were a bloke i'd say she was overcompensating or something, anyways never fails to amuse. I've never seen a full episode of Buffy, nor have i seen the Avengers Will do though, but i guess i should probably get around to watching the Hulk and Iron man2 first (it takes me a while to get around to stuff)
  3. good podcast i'm afraid the itunes hates me and won't accept my card (it also seems to of installed a load of crap on my computer), anyways at least i tried to give you a glowing review
  4. we need more of Mr Fishers singing methinks
  5. great episode fitting for the end of the classic era i have a strange desire to watch the sensorites again though tbh i don't dislike it in the first place, reminds me a bit about that dude who found an infected water pump in London (at least that's what i think about each time) lego recons would be awesome I shall give Adric a salute for his BOTI entertainment o7 hope all is good with Mike and he not fall over anymore. now i must away for my ears yearn for ep91
  6. Worzel was great, but Aunt Sally was a bit of a biatch, wish i could of pulled her head off awesome Brig pic made me think of this tributey thing one of the things i like about the Brig is that we get to see him age and stuff (plus he is great )
  7. yay for battlefield, The Brig is always great and you are right shooting devil in face > lobbing someone off a pyramid (though Ian also rocks) I can't remember that much about Ghostlight tbh, but i remember liking the victorian house and stuff, certainly didn't dislike it anyways. probably confused me, but that is not unusual for things to do without the hi-de-hi, how could you have a ho-de-ho?! Mr Ian listed some great shows! one of which had the Master in it, well i spose i should use his alias "The Warchief", but we all know the truth there
  8. The most evil for me would be the Master, but the creepiest would probably be a bit strange in that for me it is definitely evil Tom Baker in Meglos i don't know why but everytime i see him with all them cactus spines on him it makes me hair rise a bit/gives a wee shiver (not a shiver of wee, though maybe it could induce that). I think i must of seen it on original transmission and it freaked me out a bit at a young age ** oh and clowns, i £$"£%$^ hate clowns, evil beings all of them. The one in the greatest show in the galaxy is quite evil.
  9. yes that was great, i replayed that a few times
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    Episode 16

    good podcast Alas i can't seem to be able to remember dawn of the gods, i must of seen it at some point though i have defo seen volcano i guess the whole sitting on a big bomb was ment to be like the cold war type stuff, but i think they were a bunch of nobs (from what i remember) i'll give digging dawn of the gods out a miss now i've heard this review I dare say Mr Ian knows far more about old children telly than me. i remember Derek Griffiths, he's ace (alas atm everytime i read ace i read it an overexuberant way, i shall put an exclamation mark for added effect)! strange tis like busses thought of derek Griffiths recently and then hear his name on this podcast. also 2 not nasty threads about timelash on gallifrey base and a good mention on boti Oh and what's wrong with Paul Darrow sunning himself in a pair of speedos he could borrow that mobility scooter and everything, pose on it like a lady on a car so we can take pictures. Thinking about it i wonder if Paul Darrow is older or younger than Roger Moore in a view to a kill alas i guess older, but i shall say younger just to amuse myself yes my alias is a strange choice, but maybe not so if you had ever played any online games with me i seem to be using a couple of different ones atm though, far too sensible to use the same alias everywhere it seems (though think it's because it taken in places) * It seems I am become muppet, destroyer of threads, it's a gift i tell you ** Paul Darrow has done bits on the wife in space podcast thing, he rocks
  11. Red Kangs of course! Blue Kangs are far too emo, the Kang for the modern age maybe. Besides Red Kangs go faster, all they need is some go faster stripes and the cleaners would never stand a chance at all
  12. good podcast as usual *looks around to make sure no burning torches are nearby* alas i quite like Paradise Towers i really couldn't say why though, i just quite like the look of it, not seen it in long time though I like Richard Briars, he always sits in the little compartment in my head with Bernard Cribbens, though that could be the whole wombles/rhubarb and custard thing. Thinking about it, Derek Griffiths for next companion must say i don't think Adric died a heroic death. From what i remember he had the chance to get off and decided he wanted to dick about with a puzzle, one which if he succeeded would of messed up human history. If he done what he was told and got out of there he'd be alive and nothing would of changed. I am probably missing something though, maybe i will watch earthshock again, at the very least it's always good for a wee chuckle.
  13. I don't have a problem with the title sequence tbh but the asteroid bit did make me laugh, it does go with the music and can totally see how that could annoy someone and the wink at the end does look a bit smug or something. i normally ff the titles tbh i am far too impatient Pretty sure this was the last doc7 episode i saw, i don't think i would of liked him much if this had been the first, but never know i do have strange tastes you probably seen this already, but have a link to a better regeneration oh and i don't think the doctor bumped his head, i think mel offed him, she's far too nice got to be a secret psycho and the Rani is the mistress of disguise
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    Episode 15

    aha i did send it to the wrong place, doh, my apolagies it does go to show i didn't chose my username for no reason though thanking you Mr Probert for the link, but i shall have to stand fast with my Earth2 brothers and valiantly stem the tide of emails that are threatening to devour our brave and noble Mr Ian *cue battle of britain music* I have sent an email, so at least you have 1 next time. ok it's not a good one, but at least it's plus 1 for Earth2 hmm maybe i should say i have attempted to send an email, there is no guarentee that even with it spelt out that i manage to put the right thing in
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    Episode 15

    I'm afraid i must of sent it to the wrong place (being a muppet this should be of no surprise) checked me email sent thingys and i sent it to i guess there is a shake and blake part or something, i get confused easily. I promise i did try and send it maybe you can get gifted a ghostly 0.5 of an email of somin
  16. Tardis looking thing from the old republic (on nar shaaaddaaaaaaaaaaaa)
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    Episode 15

    $170 to get Paul Darrow to record something mad, oh that would be ace only downside is that i wouldn't be able to think of anything and i don't have $170 nice long enjoyable podcast, though i haven't heard the last half hour yet as i had to bail, i'll just have to listen to it again from scratch today Dana > Jenna btw easily my second favorite female character ooo btw i did send an email after my last post in this section, obviously i sent it to the wrong place or it wasn't acceptable, but at least i tried (just in case you thought i didn't send one after i said i would)
  18. Thanks for the information I must admit i am erring towards the "he's a bit of a prick" side of things, but if that's the case it would be almost tragic in some ways as he seems to be totally into the doctor and you would of thought after being into it so much he would have a more interesting outlook on life. I'm probably not saying it well as i am not 100% sober atm but i sort of mean the show doesn't exactly say go around suing/pushing people about and being a bit of a twat and the more i read the more he seems to be sort of a bully almost One thing that interested me was him saying that the show had fallen too into pantomime and lost it's way type thing, i guess this was after he was working on the show? just had a quick relook and he says the past 8-9 years been a mockery, so i guess that must include some of the time he was an advisor type thing. (bit of a snide stab at JNT i thought tbh). I'll stop waffling now oo though must say I would never think of Tom Baker as much quieter than Jon Pertwee
  19. but, but, but she got the Doctor killed, not many companions achieve that she deserves a Perpugilliam Brown star for excellence! thinking of her accent i have decided that i want Dick Van Dyke to be the next doctor with Peri and Brian Blessed as companions. i am not being completely flippant with that suggestion On a side note i tried to sign up to that Ian Levine forum so i had something to read with me popcorn, but alas it seems that either they are very slow at authorizing people or totally paranoid about my user name or somin. I did find a nice long thread on outpost Gallifrey though which kept me amused for a bit, oh and this twitter feed!/Fake_Ian_Levine I don't know much about the guy tbh, have heard bits and pieces and interested to know if he is a prick or not basically (plus drama is always good to read with me popcorn i am a simple muppet)
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    Episode 14

    aha your mind games will not work on me trying to get me not to send in feedback so i can listen to another sweet song by mr Ian will not work, i am onto your game unfortunately i really can't think of anything to say, but i shall have to email something right now!
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    Episode 14

    Just thought i'd say i am greatly enjoying your show was going to send an email in, which as it turns out would of given the mighty Mr Ian a glorious victory, but alas i am far too lazy and couldn't think of anything to say. I'd never heard of cosplay before this show btw, tbh at first i thought it was a band or something you were going on about until i googled it in confusion Have also been listening to the James Bond podcast, which was very amusing, my favorite so far is Moonraker P.s I remember seeing the ending to Star One when it aired, Avon pressing the button thingy has been something that has stayed with me for many years, can't remember much else though
  22. Ah you see the power of Avon can make anything almost watchable It did surprise me that the dalek one got more beeps than timelash, in fact i do wonder whether Alexi Sayle has managed to coax out more swears than any other doctors season combined. It's about the only good thing i can say about his appearance in this. oh and on the blakes7 theme what doctor in distress needed was a bit of cosplay travis in a huge sombrero shaking some maraccas. Now you may ask what tenuous reason could i come up with to link the 2, well, i shall just leave that to Ian Levine. and thinking of Ian Levine, the loch ness monster thing highly amuses me
  23. Well, they could of been worse, there is no Myrka/Adric or a hybrid of the 2 I've always found the accents/speeches a bit irritating in motr and i've never really put me finger on why. I just thought it was the accents tbh, some crappy hovis advert/period drama type thing the sort of which i truely disliked at the time, ee lets get some whippets and flat caps. I don't know why really as i'm a northerner, maybe i just got a massive chip on me shoulder or something If the Master had not been in it and the Rani had turned out to be the Master, that would of blown my mind and would be fitting as she is a mistress of disguise, wait until you see her bonnie langford impression, it's uncanny!
  24. i bet i've messed up this quote thingy thanks for the link i shall check them out blakes7 is a great show, some great characters in that and has Colin Baker at one point as well, which just goes to show how awesome it is Edit thingy: thinking of Avon just in case you have not seen this, in the episode 2 review here http://wifeinspace.c...-the-silurians/ there is a wonderful short bit of audio by Paul Darrow Edit thingy pt2: Have listened to some of that podcast now, great stuff, i'm afraid you have obtained a muppety listener
  25. I'm afraid this episode is where me and the Doctor parted company for a bit. It's a shame we can't go back in time and talk to my younger self as my memory is extremely bad and i neither dislike Colin Bakers portrayal of the doctor or Twin Dilema these days. For me it was the strangling of Peri and him seemingly turning into a bit of a crazy tory twat. I knew pretty much nothing of William Hartnell so there was no real precedence in my mind and was quite a bit different to the doctors i knew. I do think Colin Baker has proven himself to be a really decent bloke, a lot of people would not of been able to take the amount of crap he took on the chin. As for Twin Dilema being the worst doctor who story, for me it isn't, though in the 80's i would of said it was without any shadow of a doubt. Unfortunately though my taste really isn't of much value as i tend to like pretty much all doctor who these days, yes i like Timelash (Avon ftw!) and Horns of Nimon. I don't know what story i would put last, but as i think either Mike or Dan has said before, the only crime really is for a story to be a bit boring and Twin Dilema certainly isn't that. Oh and on an aside i blame Grade for doctor who's decline. He always seems happy about whatever part he played, so i say he can have the honour. P.s the COAT owns, only a manly man would dare wear such a thing