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  1. I warrant a tilde bang now? Nice. Erm, yes. Hello! I do lurk around here quite a bit, but I'm hyper-aware of being an overly-shilling bastard, so I try not to be....while also occasionally trying to be. It's all very confusing. Although at least I'm not actively upsetting anybody by posting, like I am over at the Oratory, where I've had PM's over the fact that I've occasionally posted in OWA threads, and yet I'm not bringing back Legion. The bastard that I am. Back on Doctor Who topic, I'll drop some links to the WhoCasts we've been doing. They're rather fun, and we even did some rese
  2. Also worth reminding people that, on the same site, if you check out the Eclectic Podcast, we've been doing each alternate podcast as a special, looking at each of the Doctors. Next up is our look at Colin Baker.
  3. I disagree, too. I quite liked 'Love and Monsters', although it didn't entirely work. The main bits I liked were the two main characters in it. I even sniggered at the 'love life' gag at the end. Generally, I found it quite charming. And I kind of fancy the girl that played Moaning Myrtle and the girlfriend in the episode. I have no idea why, but I do.
  4. Oh wow, guys, you remember that TV series I was pushing REALLY heavy a little while ago that you all ignored? Guess you could have been ahead of the curve on this one, but y'know, it's fine. I'm not bitter or anything. Honest. Go buy it. It's AWESOME.
  5. For the first time though, it'll be in an episode written by Stephen Moffatt. This is reason to be excited again.
  6. You live in the US. You haven't seen UK Doctor Who fans. Asexuality is a better option than constantly getting turned down. Oh, and as a UK Doctor Who fan, who knows other UK Doctor Who fans, I'm talking about those other Doctor Who fans. The sad ones. Not the cool ones reading this.
  7. Read the Gay Agenda article. I agree, the show may have a so called "Gay Agenda" but it's nothing out of the ordinary. It's the 21st century, big whoop. Having gay characters is completely normal, it's not as if no one before 1950 was gay. Besides, it's Captain Jack. Who wouldn't want him? I know, but in amongst UK fans, especially those of the old series, it was a HUGE deal. For no particularly good reason. Mind you, since Time Lords were supposedly created by 'genetic looms', and (whisper it) "sex" didn't exist in the series, I think amongst some fans, it's just down to downright terr
  8. Hey all - I know the shill threads are below, but a heads up that we have a review of the latest BBC DVD (The Deadly Assassin) up at GeekPlanet. Also, we have a new column (Queer Eye for the Sci Fi) looking at the old question of whether or not there is a gay agenda in New Who. I figure this is stuff that fans of the shows here would be interested in.
  9. And nor would I. I enjoyed it immensely. There's a whole load of bad in there, don't get me wrong. The acting is subpar, the War Machines themselves look awful, and it appears to be based around WOTAN conquering one small section of Tottenham Court Road, but it's also a lot of fun. Hartnell's on top form, you get a VERY Tennant-like 'standing in the path of destruction' shot and even the surreality of the Doctor being referred to as 'Doctor Who' repeatedly.
  10. As daft as it'll sound, it was one of the extras that convinced me on that one. Tony Benn talking about the creation of the Post Tower in London. Oh yes.
  11. This is no longer accurate. For Hartnell, I have The Beginning boxed set (An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Edge of Destruction), The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Web Planet, and The War Machines. For Troughton, I recently picked up The Mind Robber. Mine's no longer accurate either. I picked up 'The Aztecs' based on your podcast, and 'The War Machines'. The Aztecs is bloody fantastic.
  12. I wonder if that's partially because Fox (I think) still own some of the rights? It was a joint production, and that may be why.
  13. All DVDs Hartnell: The Unearthly Child The Daleks Edge of Destruction The Dalek Invasion of Earth The Time Meddler Troughton: The Invasion Pertwee: Inferno The Three Doctors Tom Baker: The Brain of Morbius Pyramids of Mars Genesis of the Daleks The Talons of Weng Chiang Keeper of Traken Logopolis Peter Davison: The Five Doctors Earthshock The Caves of Androzani Sylvester McCoy Rememberence of the Daleks Battlefield The Curse of Fenric Ghostlight Survival Trial of a Timelord and The War Machines are next on my list. I have the Trial in a
  14. Well, according to the scifi.com website, this saturday's episode is '42', which was - sadly - complete crap. But the episode after that is 'Human Nature', which really isn't. Oh, and DO NOT look at the Sci-fi.com website previews of episodes, because they give away a huge spoiler about the final threeparter.
  15. Trust me on this. The first part of 'Human Nature'. The week after that is the concluding part. It's a beautiful two parter, but if you were ever considering jumping on this bandwagon, this is the time to do it. Following THAT, is the single best self contained episode of SF I've ever seen. Blink. It's got the best original idea I've seen in years. It's genuinely quite scary, and it'll fuck up any kids you make watch it. Seriously. Tape it, watch it, whatever. This is as good as TV gets.
  16. Okay, this week coming, you guys have THE HIGHLIGHT of the entire season. The episode 'Dalek'. When you think Daleks, think the UK equivalent to Klingons, or The Borg. A piece of our culture. These things have been about since the 1960s. And, for the last twenty years, they've largely been a joke. This was their reintroduction. And they kicked ass. This is all you need to get up to speed. The Doctor has referred to being the 'last of his kind' due to a Time War. Rose is the Doctors travelling companion. THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. This has been referred to by critics as one of t
  17. Don't stress too much, guys - so far, they're all stand alone episodes, and you can still easily catch up. Third episode is one of the highlights of the season, based around Simon Callow as Charles Dickens. It was written by one of the 'League of Gentlemen', if that means anything to Americans.
  18. So, have, like, any of you ex-colonials actually got round to watching this? EDIT: Okay, so Yoda meant THIS friday, not last Friday. Go watch it. Bad wolf. Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf.
  19. Don't be - his season was a thing of glory, and his successor is even better.
  20. When you're watching, bear in mind that there are a couple of mis-steps in the first episode - the belching bin is cringeworthy. It's a reintroduction to the character, rather than a great story in its own right. The second episode is a big step up, and the third episode is spectacularly good. You know Chris Eccleston, the guy playing The Doctor, right? He's in one of your favourite films after all, Yoda...
  21. We talking new Doctor Who, or old Doctor Who?
  22. I might just be a little bit of a Doctor Who fan. Bad Wolf.
  23. In the UK, it's illegal to sell a movie to someone under that age. It's not illegal for them to view it (unless it's R18 - hardcore porn), but it's illegal to sell it to them. I'm not 100% sure what the law is with regards movies in cinema's. But games are retail only, so I figure the same rules as with DVD's works for me. Personally, in the UK, I always thought there wasn't enough notice taken on the age ratings on games.
  24. That's simultaneously the weirdest AND the coolest casting idea in history. Isn't he kind of young for the part though? They're all supposed to be in their forties or so. Personally, I'd have gone for William H. Macy.