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  1. Not exactly self-promotion, but close enough that I feel it's warranted in belonging here. My best friend and several other friends and acquaintances entered Project Eden: Experience the Music contest, in which they've entered thier own game. I think it's pretty great actually, and it would be pretty awesome if you took a look at it and gave it a try and rated it. Votes end tomorrow (June 24) so uh... hurry? Please? They're doing pretty well! In the top 15, but as it gets closer to the deadline everyone's gathering as much support as possible so I thought I'd drop a line at the earth-2 comm as well. Here's a following quote from said best friend: Don't be scared away at the "Register here"! It's seriously easy if you have a facebook account, and just took me two clicks, if you just use the side bar directly on the game page. Anyway, regardless of whether you rate or not, feel free to play.
  2. Re-listening to every episode of World's Finest Podcast.

  3. Sooooo, I've vaguely learned how to make some gifs, and made a few Brave and Bold ones! Thought I'd share. Tumblr has a size limit so that's why I had to shrink a few of them. D:
  4. What the fuuuuuuckkkk??? I can't believe they actually went through with it. This is for "A Good Man Goes to War":
  5. Final share of the day in this thread, promise. Some "The Doctor's Wife" graphics and gifs from around tumblr. I figure some of you would enjoy these. *Edit: Bonus!
  6. I wasn't looking that carefully, but I don't think this has been mentioned yet here. Little secret messages on the Who site, including the latest one: Source (sorry for the spam of posts all of a sudden!)
  7. Neil Gaiman answering 100 Doctor Who questions live, right now! Here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/tv-and-radio/tvandradioblog/2011/may/16/neil-gaiman-doctor-who-doctors-wife The questions have already been asked and he's just answering them now, but still pretty cool.
  8. disappears from the forums now and then.

  9. Oh, and yeah, I'm sure this has been mentioned before in the... 129 pages of this thread at some point. But on the off chance it hasn't, and since I just found out about this and amuses me greatly: Eleven and Rose (from Secret Diary of a Call Girl)
  10. (hello, long time no see!) Anyway, I just listened to the latest episode of Bigger on the Inside, and Mike and Dan were talking about how they keep almost killing Rory, and the patch lady. I'm like... a tumblr addict so I came across this post that reminded me of the whole part-of-this-season-might-be-taking-place-inside-of-Amy's-head theory. Forgive me, I'm not very eloquent. (vague spoilers for "The Doctor's Wife") So this whole Rory/Kenny thing might actually serve as a plot point. Also, this:
  11. Hm... kinda... looks like every other DCUOAM trailer. Not terribly impressed atm, though his using heat vision to "type" the words was cool. I think Lois looks good. Didn't... really like her design in the comics.
  12. Omg, this is hilarious. I've got a tear in my eye:
  13. Just a few more screenshots, and one with a good look at Wonder Woman's face: I think this was already posted on the forum? But here it is again anyway, the Supergirl exclusive figure:
  14. F.y.i. This is how I organize links: "Title Of AMV If It's Different From Song Title" - Cartoon - Artist - Song Title Otherwise it's just: Cartoon - Artist - Song Title
  15. Have a very Happy Birthday!
  16. Here's the back cover for DC Showcase. And here's some more official stills for Superman/Batman 2, for those who haven't seen them yet: And thier official site's been updated too with some more images, and thier trailer.
  17. I love that trailer. It's actually adorable. Haha, Poor Bats can't even play himself.
  18. Actually, I don't know how awesome this is. But I will not lie, this made me laugh. Girls tap dancing to Spider-Man theme song.
  19. I got the One Piece: Strong World dvd yesterday after months of waiting to watch it (came out in Japan in December). I watched it twice, and I am watching it again now. I love it so. damn. much. Three main points: This thing is pure eye candy. The animation is great and the colors are vibrant and beautiful. The costumes are sooo fun. And also made of sex. The story is tightly packed. The pacing feels a little too rushed in some places, but it gets better later on. The soundtrack is fantastic. It feels fresh, and new, and shiney, and awesome. p.s. I love how the above comments have degenerated into a Harry Potter dicussion. Awesome.
  20. Have a wonderful, wonderful time.
  21. Good show guys. I'm glad you brought up that all the healthy adults leaving the southern water tribe by themselves was pretty... hm... unwise. It was something I noticed, but kind of just learned to forget about.