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  1. I've been going back and listening to old episodes of the show, and this one finally gave me a reason to sit down and read Marvels, which was great. I decided to resurrect this thread here because I was surprised nobody mentioned (or maybe even noticed, but I doubt that one, especially in the years since this episode) that Clark Kent is in attendance at Reed and Sue's wedding. I thought that was a cool Easter egg, I love stuff like that. Like I said, I'm sure this isn't news to anyone, but thought I'd mention it anyway
  2. Oof. It has been some time since I've been here, good lord. I'm not sure what happened, I guess life got in the way and I had to shift some priorities around, letting Earth-2.net fall through the cracks. For that I'm truly sorry, this was a fantastic community of people and I always liked coming here. Anyway, on to why I've returned. I've recently started rewatching Justice League and Justice League Unlimited and was feeling nostalgic for the first podcast I ever listened to (that being this one). I had returned wondering if there was ever a reunion of sorts for the new(ish) Batman
  3. Flashfan1

    DC reboot

    This book, DC Rebirth, just made me cry. Not like "a couple tears down the cheeks" cry, I mean full on sobbing!
  4. I've been fairly busy this last week, so I wasn't able to comment on last week's episode. I loved it. Moving on. This week... Holy shit...
  5. I liked the episode for the most part, I feel like they've done the whole "Barry's lost his powers" thing one too many times. Although I wouldn't consider that a negative for this, more for Gorilla Warfare, with Grodd, because it just didn't really seem all that necessary there.
  6. I liked this episode. I don't know how to do the spoiler thing so I won't get deep into my thoughts, but I will say that Wally is starting to grow on me, now that he's not all angsty. And I liked Teddy Sears's acting more, now that he gets to be evil.
  7. This show's alright for the most part. It gives something to do on Thursdays, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for Jonah Hex, but by no means is it as good as Flash, Arrow, or even Supergirl. I was very surprised that it was renewed for a second season.
  8. Ok, I've been quite absent from the forums for a while now, (life and stuff) and I've not been able to give my thoughts. So prepare for 17 episodes worth. (I'll try to be brief) "The Man Who Saved Central City" - It was ok, but after waiting the entire summer for more Flash, I felt kind of let down. The effects were dope (apart from the early shot of Ronnie flying, yikes) and as always I liked Grant, but overall I thought it was disappointing. And Barry blatantly murdering the villain was not ok. "Flash of Two Worlds" - This was better, I liked the way Jay was brought into the show, the flashb
  9. Hi all, I've been re-listening to WFP while simultaneously re-watching the DCAU and I'm at the World's Finest review. Mike has just brought up the fact that Batman grappling up and being carried away by the Batwing is in his "Top 5 Most Badass Moments in the DCAU" and it made me think. What is everyone's most badass moment? My personal favorite is in the JLU episode "Divided We Fall" when Wally single-handedly defeats Brainiac/Lex by running around the planet and hitting him with each pass. That scene is what cemented The Flash (Wally West in particular) as my favorite superhero of all time. I
  10. I have to assume the shots of Eddie being all evil are a shape shifting meta human. Given the fact that we see Barry beating on Eddie in what appears to be the same room as previous shots of him fighting another Flash...
  11. I'm with KnightWing... I really like Cisco.
  12. Finally got around to watching it... and holy shit that was awesome! I'm a huge fan of The Flash (as you may have noticed...) and I have been excited for this show for a long time... but at the same time I was SUPER nervous that it would end up sucking... but thankfully it was great! (at least the first episode was... let's hope it stays this good...) And Grant Gustin was amazing! I was also impressed with the CGI... for it being a pilot episode, it was surprisingly good... (still obviously television... but good nonetheless...) And the ending was cool! Okay, I'm done...