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  1. I know this old but are you talking about the XBLA port of the arcade game? If you are then you can go to his house and pick up a controller and play, as can two more of your buddies. It's four player online & offline co-op.
  2. I've got the scripts for both movies, and the missing reel was written into Planet Terror. The lapdance scene was in the script for DeathProof though. That was probably why the missing reel in Death Proof seemed so strained. I know it was a staple of Grindhouse films that when they were showing these films an entire reel would be missing but for Planet Terror it seemed a natural part, while Death Proof just didn't pull it off.
  3. Tarantino has come out and said that both Death Proof and Planet Terror will be receiving separate DVD releases. I hope they also release Grindhouse as it was meant to be seen though.
  4. I live outside of Philly. We're the 5th or 6th largest city in the country. Around here Grindhouse was playing at roughly 25% capacity. I think the three plus hours of film time, as well as the fact that it is in a niche genre (very niche to be exact) really hurt the film. Tarantino's Lifetime movie of the week didn't help matters. Out of the small number of people in our theater on opening night more than half left during Tarantino's talk fest. I personally liked the whole presentation but I can see why it is flopping.
  5. kariyanine

    Broken 360

    I believe the Hardware division and the XB Live division are two separate entities. While both fall under the MS banner it would be like asking Verizon to compensate you for you not using your internet connection while your PC was getting fixed. Not fair but understandable business practice.
  6. And Worms launched today. Yay! Worms!
  7. It's holding a terrible 27% over at Rotten Tomatoes. I think I will be passing on this comic book film. The last time I went to see something that looked as bad as Ghost Rider did for me was Elektra and well utter garbage is the term that comes to mind when I think of that film.
  8. Here in the states it's going to cost $10 more ($90 w/ guitar as opposed to $80), which is in line with other 360 releases.
  9. kariyanine

    The Dark Tower

    The Gunslinger (Book One) and Wizard and Glass (Book Four) are the two slowest of the series but I can assure you that the story does pick up and those that stick around will not be disappointed.
  10. I never played Beyong Good & Evil. DMC3 was a lot of fun but didn't grab me like the original game did. GT4 didn't improve enough for me over GT3. I never played Guitar Hero but have heard some great things about it. Kingdom Hearts II was my pick. It once again mixed a great story with the fantastic characters of Square and Disney.
  11. The trailers look pretty good. I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. This movie and the new Bond movie are the only two movies I am really looking forward to over the last two months of the year.
  12. I'm currently enjoying it, the battle system reminds me of a little played PSX title Vagrant Story. Anyone else feel it reminds them of Vagrant Story?
  13. I've never been a big Superman (outside of the movies) or Grant Morrison fan and after reading All Star Superman I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Could someone please explain to me why everyone is falling over themselves in regards to this book?
  14. I haven't seen much about it but with two kids the wallets lighter these days and video games are far from my mind. Is there anything really new in it? I believe it is also the first Final Fantasy to feature a world previously used in a game (Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics is the world of FF XII). I'll be picking up my copy (the first game I will gave bought since last year) tomorrow night after work. Cough*X-2*Cough Correct. I thought that game was such a pile of crap that I forgot about it. It is the first true Final Fantasy game to feature a previous world though. 1-11 are all different worlds that had not been visited before, they may have been visited again (like in X-2 and Tactics Advance) but the true sequels have never been to a previously developed world. Or at least that was my take on it.