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  1. Here's something I haven't told anyone: the Target nearest my house had a 60GB PS3 for sale last week. I bought it and attempted to sell it on eBay (for a modest profit), but the unit went unsold -- so I returned the PS3 to Target for a full refund. The point of the story...? The only people who are currently buying PS3s are people who think they can sell them on eBay. Everyone else... not so much.

    Same thing happened to my friend, but he had two 20 gigs. Put them on Ebay and couldn't sell them. We chalked it up to the fact that they were the 20 gigs, but I guess it's happening with the 60 as well.

  2. Here is my take on it. If Sony crumbles and follows the way of the Dreamcast (which it won't)... it was their own fault. I understand you want to drive up the hype factor by releasing a limited shipment, but then you get a sea of capitalistic pricks ruining it for everyone else. The way I know it is, in the first few years, the consoles do shit for them... it's the games that bring in the money. So, here we have the everyday business man, buying up all the consoles, selling them at prices that prevent the buyers from purchasing games. If you think about it, the man (Sony) is actually sticking it to himself. If you're going to launch a console, have the balls to make enough. Even if it means that the launch date needs more time. It's sad that our society can't handle this. People getting shot, beaten, even killed. All because there wasn't enough of a particular item for everyone. I would understand more if it was food, but a box that puts pretty pictures on a TV... kinda messed up.

  3. I can't believe the Next-Gen bullshit that is going on. Some jerk (in the spirit of xmas i've made an edit) in this lame ass gaming store at the mall would not sell me a PS3! Why wouldn't he sell me this PS3? Well, maybe because I didn't agree to his terms of buying 4 games and and extra controller plus other lame shit. The total would have cost me close to $1000! All I wanted was the system and resistance. He would not budge. What a ripoff.

  4. I'm getting ready to buy one of these. Probably mid to end January. I think I'm leaning towards the 360, especially if there is a price drop after the holidays. If there isn't a price drop, then the Wii looks really good. I'm just wondering what the communities opinion is. Is the Wii too kiddy? Is the 360 too expensive for what it's worth? How are the online aspects?

    I've always been more of a Playstation person, but that shit won't be happening anytime soon. What I mean is. Other than the DS, and Advanced before that, the only other Nintendo product I've owned has been the original NES (with R.O.B. no less and I still have it). But I've had both Playstation 1 & 2 and enjoyed them. This makes me feel as if the Xbox is more my style. The Wii seems like so much fun though.

    There are just so many options. Anyways, which way would you guys go?

  5. I agree on the cop-out thing, but I'm enjoying the story and formate in the moment. That's not to say that when it's all over I'm not going to curse the ground they walk on, but for now it's a TiVo thumb up =) (I got a great deal from bestbuy on a TiVo hence the thumb thingy).

    As for the OYL, that is pretty odd that they aren't scrambling to solve missing member issues.

  6. So, I had this thought a few months ago and I kinda just chalked it up to being far fetched. Anyways, I recently heard something interesting, which my thought kinda supports. Or I could be completely wrong. Well, here it is.

    Could it be that the answer to 52 has been right in front of our faces this whole time? Right on the cover of every issue?

    The interesting though I heard was. "How many letters are there in EARTH?" 5... so 52 = EARTH2? So could this be an alternate universe, another Earth? Okay, so that isn't really prevalent on the covers right? So, here is my though, which supports the EARTH2 idea.

    The 5 and the 2 on every cover are almost exact mirror images of each other. The differences are very slight. Could the creators be throwing us a very subtle clue?

    Anyway, just though I'd bullshit a little.

  7. ya know what sucks? the people already involved in this. Howard Deutch, Mark Steven Johnson (possibly the next Uwe Bowl (however you spell his name).

    I really like DD, though I understand others' distaste. I thought it was good.

    As for Howard... I'm a huge fan of the Replacements as a film. Keanu can perform when he's told exactly what to do and it was done. Even if you disagree with that, Pretty in Pink, man! Pretty in Pink! Personally like it or not, it is a great film!


    MSJ--hit or miss, take or leave 'im

    HD--I have a hard time seeing this as a bad thing, or that it sucks

    I agree with you on Deutch. He's made good films, especially THE GREAT OUTDOORS!!! I just don't know how I feel about him taking on one of my top favorite comics. A comic way ahead of its time with some pretty deep and controversial themes. He really hasn't done anything remotely close to the Preacher project other than a Tales From The Crypt eps (and that's a stretch).

    As for MSJ, sorry bro, not a fan. It's funny that they both worked on Grumpier Old Men though.

  8. Fun fact:

    Despite the fact that Bloodrayne only brought in like $3.6 million, Uwe Boll is going to direct a sequel to it. Yep, a second Bloodrayne movie (without Kristanna Loken btw) called Bloodrayne 2: Deliverance. I don't know whether to feel overjoyed at getting to thrash another Uwe Boll movie, or nauseated at the thought of having to go watch another Uwe Boll movie.

    You know Uwe Boll, being pissed at all his critics, actually went into the ring with a few of them recently. He apparently kicked their asses. Including the ass of an 16 year old, but the 16 year old gave him the best fight.

    Here is the article.

    Raging Boll:

  9. Sam is the man. When comic movies were starting to actually be good (the first x-men era). I thought Lee's Hulk respected the comic medium the best (editing and choreography wise). It was like watching a comic book unfold right in front of my eyes. But, the Spider-Man films were absolutely perfect. I loved the little Sam Raimi signitures. Such as the Doc Ock/Evil Dead emergency room scene. loved it

  10. Ed Harris just came off of a really lame, boring series on HBO called Empire Falls. As for all the other actors, HBO is a major part of the television and film industry. Some of the greatest series on television have come from HBO - Angels in America - From Earth to the Moon - Band of Brothers - all of which commanded pretty big stars. I really don't think HBO will have a problem getting actors such as Harris and the others we've mentioned. Mind you I never really watched HBO until I started to work for their studios and I was surprised at the respect they commanded. They would flat out go toe-to-toe with major stars like George Cloney if they felt that their projects were going in the wrong direction. I'm sure they will do fine with actors.