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  1. Absolutely loved y'day's episode! Proper laugh out loud moments, classic story and a corking acting job from all concerned!
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    Nintendo Land is still occasionally played but I foresee a layer of dust on my Wii U pad until the big titles come out. I think the updated Virtual Console titles are a great idea but I already have these games on my 3DS! Give us some variety!
  3. A Pokemon themed wedding just to spite my brother? Iiiiinteresting... What the hell would Granny come as though?
  4. So brother-mine has been divulging information... Whilst I'm the most obvious candidate, I will point out that these photos are freely available on your Facebook profile and you're friends with forumites Adham, Stavros & Donomark. Revenge...
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    Couldn't agree more. The only difference being that gaming was only part of Sony and Microsoft's business. Nintendo doesn't have anything else to fall back on. Sony could integrate gaming into its smart TVs tomorrow if it wanted to, and Microsoft would be able to integrate the XBox into its other products fairly easily. Nintendo might very well have to do a Sega: sell its intellectual property on other systems. This sucks because Nintendo consoles are generally brilliantly designed pieces of kit (the Virtual Boy never happened btw) and for the most part their games have echoed the design features of the time which made them so much more memorable/special: Mario 64 + N64 Analogue stick = 3D gameplay WarioWare Touched + DS touchscreen = Versatile awesome Wii Sports + Wii controller = Wilson Family Xmas 2005 Eyes + Virtual Boy = Nosebleeds
  6. So brother-mine has been divulging information...
  7. Enough lurking: I joined