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  1. Should I download it on my PC and let you know if you should download it on your VC?
  2. I might be needing a new home for my game reviews actually. Eh, I'll climb back aboard. I have like, a pool of what must be 50+ reviews by now that I can shoot your way.
  3. Wait a minute, The Nation is still super popular in comparison. WHERE IS MY OPPORTUNITY TO SELL OUT!?
  4. And since when did you cunts get so popular? Man, I need to start writing here again.
  5. The fuck? Morphine Nation climbed 1.8 million Alexa positions in the past three months. WHERE IS MY OPPORTUNITY TO SELL OUT!?
  6. btw my question was a serious one. I want to know how I can sell out, too.
  7. Did they ask to advertise through you or did you approach them?
  8. Morphine Jim

    PS3 news

    I love this. This might be the funniest news of 2007, and it's not even out of January yet: What is Sony doing indeed. What the fuck?
  9. The control scheme and screenshots suggest a 2D Platformer.
  10. Yeah, the Gamecube was dead before the Wii came out. This news is not a surprise. Looking forward to it.
  11. There's porn on the internet. There are parental controls on the console. What is the fucking problem?
  12. You should get that Kirby Cursed Canvas game. Drawing rainbows for a little pink ball sounds about the gayest thing in the realm, but it's actually pretty addictive.
  13. Twilight Princess of course, and Batallion Wars. BW seems like it was a little overrated, I'm not really feeling it at the moment, but I probably need to play it a little more.