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  1. Nationals are over, y'all! We lived! I can sleep now!
  2. I'm reading today. Second weekend in a row. *shrug*
  3. *Hugs* I know exactly what you mean.
  4. Yes. Indeed. Though, that's not a first-thing-in-the-morning kind of thing around the Kittinger-Schreier Residence. Really, it just means he'll have to get up at a reasonable hour to go pick up donuts and bagels and OJ. Hell if I'm actually COOKING. Preston was just talking about this exact thing yesterday.
  5. I'm f'unna have 10+ strangers in here Sunday morning. ...I should probably let Tim know that. ...and that we're providing breakfast.
  6. New Assignment: The Mix You've Always Wanted to Receive In theory, this is that mix that you would be most impressed/pleased to get from a suitor, but it could also be the ideal mixtape from any number of people. What's on it? Who's it from?
  7. I need to clean my apartment.
  8. I am such a shit. I shouldn't have said that shit about "only worse if a family member dies." My maternal grandmother had a fucking heart attack today. Angiogram. 90% blockage. They put in a stent. She's in the hospital now. Fuck. Me.
  9. I've had the shittiest week ever. It'll only get worse if someone dies. And in my family, that's not exactly a long shot. So. Fuck everything. Earth2 is the only thing right in my life. I don't know if that is sweet or just fucking sad.
  10. Tell the folks whose wedding you're going to that you might need a little help. I've always thought it rude that people ask folks to stand up in their weddings, but then make them pay for their own attire.
  11. "Jane Says," Jane's Addiction is high on my list. It's kind of a long story.