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  1. I'm pretty confident this will happen. It's predictable, but also the right approach, and I'm sure Nolan recognizes this. The producer just doesn't want to lay it all out on the table this early.
  2. Berry is pretty much shit. Even her work in Monster's Ball is highly overrated. It's too bad that Singer preferred Superman to this because all signs point to this project being awful. Ratner has made one movie that was almost passable, Red Dragon, thanks to the actors and source material, and even then it wasn't great. He's a studio hack, and I'm inclined to believe the rumours that Vaughn quit when he wasn't allowed to scrap the screenplay.
  3. Le sigh. Mentions of Wild Wild West for some reason, but none about last year's fantastic Open Range. Obviously it's a genre that's faded, but the occasional great one can still be made.
  4. Yeah, I know what happened, which is why I said "they had to crop together." The whole notion that Sam never gets home and is floating around god knows where is an awful and improper end for him. It's tragic.
  5. Because it's shallow, and I don't care about the characters or their motivations, nor is there any real attempt to make me care. It's full of itself, over how many homages it can fit in, how many "look at this!" moments. Wow, attractive women do martial arts and fight with swords! Yawn. The entire film, including vol. 2, is an overlong ego trip. It's an experiment in just how masturbory a piece of film can be. Vol. 2 is better though, for at least slowing down a bit and giving some time for a few nice moments between characters (though not without some truly annoying geek moments, like where Bill all of a sudden has to go on an unneeded talk about comic books). Overall though, total overrated shit. I can say the same thing about Tarantino in general, actually. If I have to hear one more fanboy say Pulp Fiction is better than Shawshank or Schindler's List or <insert better movie here>, I'm going to lose it. (Not that The Punisher or other films have crazy depth to them, but those films aren't trying for Academy Awards, like Quentin wants).
  6. Mirror Image was awful though. If it was going to go out after 4.5 seasons, then it should have given the respect of having a real ending, not something they had to crop together.
  7. JFK Shawshank American Beauty Psycho LOTR as a whole Big Lebowski Chasing Amy Back to the Future Gangs of New York Taxi Driver The Lion King Godfathers 1&2 The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance Say Anything... Unbreakable No particular order (among many others), except JFK being at the top. Oh, and Harry Potter and the POA was a solid, solid film. The first two were not, the third is very good filmmaking that's not for kids under ten to appreciate.
  8. Again, sorry this is so old... I still haven't gotten this. I'm a huge QL fan, but it hasn't been in the local stores (not in future shop, not in walmart, not in the music stores that sell tons of dvds, blah), and I don't have a credit card, so no online. Eventually I'll just have to get a store to order it for me. Maybe when Season 2 comes out, get both at once (which is supposed to be soon, I read). Such an awesome show, ended too early.
  9. I'm not much of a fan. It has its moments, but meh. For me, it had a great moment of unintentional humour though. When Brendan Gleeson gets shot to hell, and the girl says "Dad?"
  10. Yeah, it was a bad move. Opening two revenge films with a lot of violence, one more anticipated (second half and all), with the same general demographic. The Punisher was a solid time at the movies though. Nothing groundbreaking, but good. I'd rather watch it again than Kill Bill vol. 1.
  11. Kind of a late reply, but oh well. There are a couple quasi-festivals, where you don't get to do much of at all. Nothing as good as the horse racing. Blah. Though I always cheated with HM64, with the glitch where you could bet for free. Anyway, there is a set end to the game, but the game's so damn long anyway, that it doesn't matter too much. I enjoy it. It's an interesting entry, and good to play alongside Friends of Mineral Town, you get different things, same great HM goodness. Heh.