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  1. coolguy


    just got homw from blink 182 concert
  2. thanks but i handled it. Me and my friend got it done a couple of minutes ago. Oh and i neeeded the Ezikiel speech because i needed to give an example of a monologue for my english class but thanks anyway
  3. I need the clip from Pulp Fiction where sam jackson gives the monologue at the beggining but just without the cursing and i need it fast can anyone help me.
  4. i have had that dog since i was born so it was really hard to bury him today.
  5. dude i remember taliking about the physcho rangers with all of my friends in the second grade. That was the last power rangers season that i watched
  6. i got it yesturday and i just beat it. While the game was really awesome i didn't like any of the boss battles that ended up happening
  7. gamefly hasn't recieved my game yet so i may not get to play this game for a few more days or weeks.
  8. coolguy


    i don't know but right now i really want it back.
  9. coolguy


    i have to go back to high school
  10. Hey maybe you could do Flash Rouge Wars if you haven't done it yet, or maybe you could review Deadpool classics 1 or 2, i really like both of those books.
  11. Man i just played the demo, and i was only going to rent the game but now i think that i have to buy it.