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  1. The problem with that is that it would really only be six podcast episodes for the movies and maybe two for the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series. The Ewok and Droids TV series aren't even worth watching. Another big problem is that already does a podcast for each and every one of the episodes of the new Clone Wars TV series (that's 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours of podcasting dedicated to each episode). And seriously, no one should ever have to watch The Holiday Special.
  2. I concur with this. I'm not really a big fan of Static (it did some wonky, inconsistent things with its crossovers), and Zeta was really only put in BB for the WB's cross-promotion purposes, but they technically should be considered part of the same universe.
  3. D'awwww. I feel loved. ^-^ Just don't stalk me. I am well-trained in lightsaber combat.
  4. My vote goes to Avatar: The Last Airbender. With its deep serialized storyline, great humor, and amazing animation, it feels like a kung-fu Star Wars, and is probably the best (non-DCAU) animated series of this decade.
  5. Nonononono... Teen Titans should still be reviewed regardless of its stance in continuity. After all, it does have plenty of behind-the-scenes links to the DCAU series. It just shouldn't be literally taken to be in the exact same fictional story continuity as BTAS, STAS, JL, and BB (and Zeta, and Static...).
  6. Absolutely not. That's why its annoying that they won't admit they're wrong! :grumble: I concur!
  7. That's another thing that's always bothered me. How does a single text pop-up on a DVD bonus feature qualify as proof? If Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, or Glen Murakami had said that TT was in DCAU continuity, whether than be in an interview or DVD commentary, I'd be just fine with that. But those DVD sets aren't exactly of the highest quality. I mean, seriously, the BTAS Vol 1 DVD set has an absolutely terrible video transfer; my macbook can output better quality than that. I really don't trust anything from those DVD sets unless they're giving me direct quotes from Timm, Dini, or Murakami. I don't mean to suggest that the Titans couldn't have existed in the DCAU in some form (they probably did), but I don't think that the Teen Titans series itself fits in.
  8. I hope they're chest waders. We're venturing into some deep waters. Bring it.
  9. Oh, and don't forget "It's a school night, boys and girls. I'm gonna have to call your folks." Though my favorite line in perhaps the entire DCAU has to be "Let's dance, Bozo." That sounds like a good intro to the review, actually.
  10. Here's the thing: Robin in Teen Titans must be Dick Grayson (and not Tim), for these reasons: -He is too old to be Tim, since we see that Tim looks to still be 13-14 in RotJ, and he doesn't have anywhere near the level of Kung-Fu prowess and wisdom displayed by Robin in TT. -The alternate universe version of Robin seen in "Fractured," while nicknamed Larry, is actually named "Nosyarg Kcid," Dick Grayson backwards. There's one instance where his name spins around his body, and when it goes around the back, we can clearly see the name "Dick Grayson." -Robin's entire character in the Teen Titans show mirrors the comics' version of Dick, right down to his romance with Starfire and the reveal that he will eventually become Nightwing. This creates a problem, as this makes Dick younger than he was seen in BTAS. We essentially must place this in the DCAU timeline between the flashbacks of "Robin's Reckoning" (where he is 8-10 years old) and the first time he is seen in BTAS, in "Christmas with the Joker." This doesn't quite gel. In Teen Titans, Robin is shown to be essentially a mini-Batman, having a neverending drive for victory, unparalleled detective skills, and martial arts mastery. However, in BTAS, Dick has none of these skills. It is true, however, that we get a glimpse of Robin's driven personality from Teen Titans in "Robin's Reckoning," but we also get a strong sense of naivete and immaturity, something that wouldn't seem to make sense with a character than has fought interplanetary/galactic/dimensional threats, let alone actually made out with an alien girl. There is also an inherent problem with the idea of the science fiction elements of Teen Titans. In Superman: The Animated Series, Lois is at first somewhat unbelieving of Superman's alien nature, which would seem odd if aliens had visited Earth many times before (as they did in the 2nd episode of TT). Furthermore, Superman and the rest of the world know nothing of the Atlanteans until "Fish Story," yet Aqualad had countless team-ups with the Titans. And let's not even mention how the Titans have a spacefaring submarine, yet most of the television sets in BTAS are black-and-white. It's true that there are some subtle hints at Teen Titans in JLU, but that doesn't necessarily mean much. After all, Mark Hamill has played the Joker in other Batman media; are we to assume that those other productions (such as the new Batman: Arkham Asylum game) are also in the DCAU because of this? I'm not saying that Teen Titans shouldn't be reviewed in WFP (because GOD I love that show), but I don't think that you can realistically put it in the same continuity as BTAS, STAS, BB, and JLU. Considering how easily those other shows mix together, Teen Titans sticks out like a bleeding, crushed, broken, and rotting thumb.
  11. Oh, so Braniac Attacks isn't continuity, but Teen Titans is? Hmm....
  12. I wholeheartedly concur. After hearing the Joker's examination of Bruce as a "boy in a playsuit," it was great to see Terry do the same thing to the Joker. His imitation of the Joker's laugh was flat-out incredible.
  13. Wasn't there an issue of Batman where Wonder Woman wrapped the Joker in her lasso, temporarily making him sane and regretful of his actions? I've always seen the Joker as not a true person, but a character. He is essentially the force of anarchy incarnate, not actually a developing person. It's very evident in The Dark Knight, where he has no real response to the human concepts of pain and personal loss. Something is wrong with his brain, and he simply repeats the same old anarchic jargon, like a broken record. EDIT: Oh wow, I totally missed the fact that the last post was in October. Eeesh. Sorry for resurrecting a possibly-dead thread.
  14. Thanks, Master Jedi. (as an addendum to my last post): I also would have given some serious consideration to the Mad Love train fight, but RotJ will always hold a special place in my heart.
  15. I voted for the RotJ Terry/Joker fight because of its deep emotional backing and great kinetic action, despite the fact that it was perhaps a little too one-sided. Destroyer's Superman/Darkseid rumble would have completely taken my vote if not for the anticlimactic way it ended.