Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Mr. Keith

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This game disappointed me, I dunno if I just had way too high of expectations since this was Square. But I really just didn't like this game, even with the GBA Connectivity*Which honestly, I couldn't get into at all*. Am I alone in this, or does someone else agree with me?

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I have been playing quite a bit of Champions of Norrath lately. I play it with Kara and I gotta say it sure makes me like FF:CC more. Every time one of us has to do some inventory management shit, the other person is stuck watching them fuck around. The more I play Champions the more I respect Square for having the balls to make the GBA a requirement for FF:CC multiplayer.

I really liked it. It was like a cross between FF and Zelda. The GBA connectivity is the shiznit. Stop the bitching.

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Eh, guess I am alone. :(

The game was decent, I don't think it was terrible but it could've been much better. First of all the storyline was just flat out boring to me. There were several time where I had to keep myself from falling asleep just trying to listen to the dialogue in the game. If they made it just a little bit more interesting I might've enjoyed this game, but it didn't interest me in the slightest bit. And the fight scenes were just average, nothing terrible but also nothing I'd kill to play through again.

As for the GBA Connectivity, I just couldn't get it. I understand the purpose of it, but I just couldn't get myself to enjoy using it. It also didn't help matters that I'm completely spoiled with the Wave Bird.

The concept was a good one, but I just feel it could've been much better.

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Never said anything about expecting it to be a true Final Fantasy game, I just expected it to have a little more interesting story to it, not something that would put me to sleep after listening to three boring conversations. They've made several RPG's that had great story to it that weren't FF games*Like Chrono Trigger for example* so why couldn't CC have had a more interesting story?

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How does the link playing work?  Can someone explain it to me because I am very close to buying this game.  At least that's my understanding of it.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

One person has the controller, while the other three people use their GBAs for various task and special maps. At least that's my understanding of it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I despised this game. It was like a super-deformed Gauntlet Legends with piss-poor, $100 controllers. Terrible, terrible.


THANK YOU! It's good to hear that I'm not alone.

And no, everyone uses the GBA as a controller. You don't get to use a regular controller unless you play the single player mode.

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Anywho, there's a new FF game in development for the cube.


Are you serious?? Where'd you hear about that cause the only FF games I know coming to a Nintendo system are Final Fantasy 1 & 2, and those are GBA games.

RUMOR: Possible bad news: Final Fantasy XII has been delayed. Possible good news: There's a new Final Fantasy coming to the GameCube.

Source: Possible bad news, from import gaming news site The Magic Box. Possible good news, from the Brits at TotalVideoGames.

The official story: Regarding the possible bad news: "No comment." --Square Enix USA representative.

Regarding the possible good news: "Square Enix USA is not aware of any Final Fantasy/GameCube revealings at E3." --the same Square Enix USA representative.

What we heard: Regarding the possible bad news, now that Square Enix is one big, happy family, the company needs to think about how to leverage its different brands throughout the year. Fans know that Square Enix's two biggest properties are the Dragon Warrior (aka Dragon Quest) and Final Fantasy series, each of which was slated to receive a new installment this year--at around the same time. But how would the kids manage their time with two gigantic, new role-playing games to worry about all at once? So, the story goes that, given that Dragon Quest VIII was further along in development than Final Fantasy XII, Square Enix figured it would pad the release dates farther apart, pushing back Final Fantasy XII until later this year if not early the next. Stranger things have happened.

As for the possible good news, TotalVideoGames reported that UK-based Nintendo Official Magazine ran a story about how a new GameCube-exclusive Final Fantasy game would be revealed at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo in May and that the game would "thankfully" have a "closer resemblance to previous [Final Fantasy] titles." February's Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube enjoyed a stint at the top of the sales charts that month, and the kids all love Final Fantasy, so wouldn't another one be great? Also, given the rash of remakes on the GameCube, the most recent being Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, FF fanboys quickly started surmising that maybe this next Nintendo Final Fantasy would be a remake of one of the old favorites.

Bogus or not bogus?: Regarding the possible bad news, you could probably take the "no comment" as a long "yes." As for us, we'll say "not bogus."

Regarding the possible good news, though there's a slim possibility that Square Enix is keeping its USA division in the dark for now, we doubt it. Bogus.

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It's called FF Guilty Wing, and it plays like a real Final Fantasy, none of this queer ass Chronicles shit.

Get a more current update, Heat.

I stole this from your lame-ass site.

By the way, a real Final Fantasy isn't a stupid interactive movie.

EDIT: well not so much YOUR site as it is Whatever's

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