Episode 41: Casablanca


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Shana and Mike are not here to remake Casablanca. Recast and tweak it a little, yes. But not outright remake it. Also, neither can pronounce Ugarte, Shana prepares for flames, Mike lays down the law, and The Douchies are finally explained. [ 1:34:16 || 45.5 MB ]

To listen, click here: http://www.earth-2.net/podcasts/forbetterorworse/episodes/forbetterorworse_041.mp3

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Wow! A three-way tie for Laszlo!

I was strongly tempted to vote for Elba, but in the movie, it's established that Laszlo is a hero with a big international following. I don't think the Western world would be tolerant enough to embrace a black hero during the forties. Were you to remake this story in apartheid South Africa or Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), though, Elba would be the perfect man for the role, and not just because he played Mandela.

Don't worry, Shana; I'm not pissed that you don't think Bogart and Bergman didn't have chemistry, but I'm SHOCKED, shocked and outraged that you didn't like Renault!

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