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Who: Sarah Cooper

Actor: Glenn Close

Movie: The Big Chill

Douche move(s): Agrees to have her husband impregnate another woman, without asking him first.

Who: Ron

Actor: Martin Mull

Movie: Mr. Mom

Douche move(s): Sexually harasses his coworker, and attempts to seduce another man's wife.

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In my mind, Sarah is looking to atone for her sin (RE: affair) by having her husband sleep with someone else. Not just anyone else, but a close friend. And if that sexual encounter creates a baby, as is the goal, all the better. Not consulting her husband beforehand was skeevy, but I don't know if I'd call it douchey.

Ron, however, has no intention other than serving his libido, even if it ruins a marriage.

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Nope. Going Sarah on this one. Not only did she cheat on Kevin Kline (Kevin Kline!) but then she rented him out to someone like he was cheap apartment. This, to me, trumps a sleezoid boss with a hard on for his married employee. Perhaps it's because I can't imagine a) cheating on my wonderful husband and b) the idea of him being with someone else and c) treating anyone like a piece of property.

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