Round 2: Col. Nathan R. Jessup v Sylvia Bennington


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Who: Col. Nathan R. Jessup

Actor: Jack Nicholson

Movie: A Few Good Men

Douche move(s): Had a soldier under his command killed, falsified documents, reveled in his power, and sexually harassed another officer.

Who: Sylvia Bennington

Actor: Nancy Travis

Movie: Three Men and a Baby

Douche move(s): Abandons her newborn child on the doorstep of the unaware father, returns as if nothing happened, takes the baby back, plans to fly to another country to raise her, and returns once more.

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Duh. Can we just vote Jack Nicholson as the actor and be done with this? No, I guess not, cause that kind of shafts Gibson then. Wouldn't want to leave him out of the vinegar-to-the-core running. Even if his face doesn't look quite as sinister as Jack's.

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