Round 2: Nick Marshall v Steff McKee


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Who: Nick Marshall

Actor: Mel Gibson

Movie: What Women Want

Douche move(s): Uses his newfound psychic powers to sabotage a coworker, is sexists, and is played by Mel Gibson.

Who: Steff McKee

Actor: James Spader

Movie: Pretty in Pink

Douche move(s): It's Steff.

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I'm going to vote for Steff, because his level of douche is aimed at teenage girls / young women. The mental and emotional trauma he puts them through will stay with them forever. Years later, even if the women who were on the receiving end of his abuse look back and realize what an asshole he was, that doesn't undo the pain they felt at the time and their current self-perception caused by said pain.

Nick Marshall (and I can't believe I'm defending him) does try to undermine a coworkers ad campaign, he is a "Hey, ladies" type of guy, and he is a "love 'em and leave 'em" guy, too. However, he does this with grown women who, though they may be hurt by his actions, tend to be more emotionally stable than 16-year-old girls.

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I'm all Steff too. With Steff, he's not remorseful. Not even close. And I know, he's not the main character but you know that if that character goes on in college (which he will because his parents are rich and douchie enough to support his parties and shady-ass lifestyle, they can send him to school) that he'll be the guy in the bar slipping roofies to everything with cleavage and will someday be arrested for child porn or trafficking. At least Nick repents at the end.

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