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They'll save Doom for another day. Namor should be the next villain, but they should hint at Galactus to prime us for part three. Like, maybe before Namor make his presence known, Reed can be studying something odd in space, but forgets about it/gets distracted after Namor attacks and tries to steal Sue. Then it can be an all out sci-fi kick ass action flick in part three by the time Galactus and the Silver Surfer arrive.

If they want to use Doom again, they can make it so that he manipulates Namor to attack the FF (which has happened in the comic; since he can't, what with him being all immobile), and then maybe make it so that he's the one who turns Galactus' attention towards Earth.

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I think giving him back his mobility would be a very easy thing to do. He still has all of Latveria at his beck and call. And if they want to do Doom right, I think he would need to be the bad guy in the next movie, yes he could bring in someone else to do the dirty work, but he has got to be involved in one way or another.

Galactus I think is a bit much for the non-initiated. Sure, you or I who know who Galactus is and know all about the FF and Doom would see it as no big leap. But look at it from the perspective of average high school kid with money to spare (which is the prime audience this is being made for, assuming all us nerds will just go because it says Fantastic Four on it). Ok, super powers coming from a cosmic dust cloud, there is a bit of suspension of disbelief, but it can be bought into because its a base reality of the world of the film. Throw in Namor, a mutant and an atlantean. Thats not a huge leap, unless you are living under a rock... and only come out to see Fantastic Four and Fantastic Four 2 that is not a totally incredible jump. Reed could easily be applying some of his knowledge toward looking at the oceans or tectonic plates or something and comes across Atlantis (which if they do Namor, I better well see an artistically stunning vision of Atlantis on the big screen). Galactus on the other hand. huge leap. He is not just a dude with powers. He is from outer space, there is one thing you need to overcome. Now he is not just a dude from outer space either.... he is a virtually immortal being which is less of a being and more of a cosmis force or simply a reality, like Death or Eternity (the only other two beings which remain from the big crunch). That is a HUGE leap, not only does it force an entire discussion of the nature of the universe to fully understand him, and would be a special effects nightmare, but its also really hard to top. No one in their right mind is going to pull out the big guns if there is potential for a trilogy...or more.

I would love to see Namor, or possibly Mole Man. I think most of the other baddies are a little bit over the top for a movie audience. Of course, at the same time I would really prefer them to not make a sequel and just pretend this movie never happened, I was not a big fan of how they butchered most of the characters (Like DooM)

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Good points. Very good points. But Avi Arad has hinted at a possible Silver Surfer / FF crossover.

When Avi Arad was asked by SFX Magazine if Galactus would appear in the upcoming Fantastic Four film, he said, "Galactus is going to be in the Silver Surfer movie, which we're starting our journey towards." He then added, "First we want to do the origin of the Silver Surfer and the Galactus story. But because it's the same studio [as the Fantast Four], one day you'll probably have our version of Alien Vs. Predator - only a much, much better version."
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"I'd like to see them move onto the business of being superheroes and facing different arch-villains," Michael "Thing" Chiklis recently volunteered. "More villains and more action." Chris "Human Torch" Evans agreed, saying that in the first film "it takes us a while to get used to our powers. We're clumsy, we're testing them out, we're getting used to them, trying to get comfortable in our own skin. The second one, we could really start exploring how cool these powers actually are." Finally, Ioan "Mr. Fantastic" Gruffudd weighed in with the opinion that the second film should feature more lightweight material: "I'd like to see them in their own environment, as in walking around New York City, using these special powers in everyday life. More of those elements of it — we touched upon that in the movie, for example, Reed Richards walking down the street and he can't quite see where he's going and he stretches up and has a look over the crowd or he's able to hail a cab and get there before anyone else. Just fun little elements like that."


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