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I am a huge fan of Katamari, having just replayed a few missions yesterday (so far my record for the moon level is something like 730 meters) and I am very much excited to see "We Love Katamari" hit the shelves in a few months. It is slated for September from what I saw, although it looks like it is not going to sport the $20 price tag of its predecessor. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing the next installment in Katamari which apparently has underwater levels, mythical levels, as well as more entertaining banter from the King of the Cosmos.

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Too bad it's not going to sell for $20. With all of the hype the first one has received, the second one should sell well and a $20 tag would have helped.

Cinematech recently featured some clips, and they showed snow levels in addition to the underwater ones.

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I have read somewhere that the Royal Rainbow does make at least one appearance, so it is very possible that the old standby of vomitting rainbows will be adhered to in this, the most recent incarnation of playing with a sticky ball.

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Yay, the sequel is out finally! The first was awsome, and the music superb.(I'm listening to it right now.) Where else can you hear "I feel it, I feel the cosmos." :D

EDIT: Oh god, I just got it today, and I swear its even worse than the last one. Just the begining sequence can be described as an acid trip wrapped in LSD. I think if I ever take drugs, I'm going to be disapointed at the halucinations.

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