Ready Player One

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Steven Spielberg is directing with Zak Penn having written the most recent version of the screenplay.

I'm... a little apprehensive. Full disclosure: This is one of my favorite novels. That said, I don't know is Spielberg is right for the job. I remember way back when he was on the shortlist for Harry Potter and he wanted to Americanize it. But, more than that, the novel is pretty much filled with 80s Video Game and Move References (a very memorable moment involves playing Joust against the Demilich at the ending of the old D&D adventure The Tomb of Horrors.) I imagine a ton of stuff will have to get changed if Warner's isn't willing to saddle up on rights. Still, I am very cautiously optimistic.

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What the...

Part of the interesting thing about Spielberg directing this film is that the novel is very much rooted in the ’80s pop sci-fi culture that Spielberg helped define.

I kind of wonder if there's a chance that Spielberg (who helped define 80s pop culture) might end up helping the movie a lot.

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