Video games to blame for Hollywood slump?


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Observing that "ticket buyers are avoiding the box office like stale Jujubes," the Chicago Sun-Times observed Sunday that competition from home entertainment may be the primary cause of this year's slump. ("This is definitely the most pontificated summer ever," Universal Pictures vice Chairman Marc Shmuger told today's Los Angeles Times.) The Sun-Times noted that video game sales alone are now rivaling the take of many movies, pointing out that Halo 2 took in $100 million in sales its first day out and that Netflix, the online video-rental service, saw its subscriber list expand to 3.2 million, up 54 percent from a year ago. "About 70 million people in the United States have DVD players. That gives people a greater flexibility than they have had," Andy Wing, president and CEO of Nielsen Entertainment, told the Sun Times "There is no sense of urgency to see a movie in the theater anymore." Moreover, moviegoers interviewed by the newspaper indicated that as people invest in sophisticated sound systems and high-definition monitors, the home-theater experience is becoming more enjoyable than anything the multiplex can offer. "I find that I can just be more comfortable at home," said one. "There's the problem of rudeness in the theater," said another, who complained about "people who use cell phones, people who ... talk during the movie, even someone who laughs at inappropriate times during the movie. Where are the ushers?"
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Or how about cost.

It is about the same just to buy the DVD and watch it at home, with not only movie tickets being stupid expensive, but gas and food and stuff like that.

Then compound that with the fact that at home you don't have to wait in line or deal with the jackasses that populate the general public; there just isn't any reason to go out.

I don't really see what that has to do with video games. Halo 2 made have made a lot of money but it isn't anywhere near the most popular game ever in terms of unit sales.

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Well, least they aren't blaming video games for creating killers.

Do you people see what happens? DO YOU? You don't go and see Fantastic Four, and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS!

Sin City and Batman Begins both did fairly well, and so has Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everything else this summer has been an unmitigated pile of shit.

Actually, the Wedding Crashers was surprisingly a really funny movie. The rest I'm not even gonna argue with.

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