Armageddon 2015 AD: The Hugo Awards


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Yeah, to no one's surprise, many Puppies have not been gracious. Between "No Award is stupid and shouldn't be an option" and not understanding how Australian Rules works for counting votes (that's what the Hugos use), a lot of people are convinced they entire thing was a fraud engineered by the sooper sekrit SJW cabal.

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Not only that but thr ones who aren't? Are claiming they always intended to make things end in No Award. Including the asshole who kinda started this so he could win.

Cobra. Commander. "You've played into my hands! I've forced you to destroy your own precious awards! Victory is mine!" Oh, do go away, you pathetic little nobody.

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Sad Puppies IV has released their slate for this year's Hugos. It's marginally more evenhanded than last year's (John Scalzi and Ann Leckie, among others who had been targeted as part of the SJW cabal, are named), and was conducted much more openly this time, although many of theĀ authors are crying foul, saying they were never consulted. Again.

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