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Is anyone else reading this? It's very, very interesting, and rather good to boot.

It's illustrated by Brian Templesmith (who agreed to do it on the basis that there 'weren't any bloody vampires in it), so it looks gorgeous. The story is dense, dark and intriguing, and it's Warren Ellis in 'proper author mode', not 'mad uncle Warren mode'.

But that's not the most interesting bit. Warren Ellis is experimenting with this one, so I'll quote what he's basically saying (from the five page afterward):

Whenever I do a signing, there are without exception a handful of people who turn up with a t-shirt or a scrap of paper. And they explain, usually with some embarassment, that they've read everything I've done, but that they've borrowed it all from libraries or friends, because they have to count every dollar.

So I sat there and thought, how can I do a piece of contemporary fivtion for something closer to pocket change. Fewer pages than an ordinary comic single, but dense, with a complete story told every time. And a text section at the back, expanding on the background and other elements of the book, commentary and production art, extending the reading experience. So that, for at least a dollar less than most comics of its type, you got a complete experience that hopefully took at least as long to read, on first play, as a 'regular' comic.

A buck ninety-nine, or local equivalent, still just about qualifies as pocket change. For the loose metal in your pocket, you can walk out with this book, and you don't need another book to understand the story, and you've not been cheated into buying the next episode to understand the story. I wanted you to be able to get a whole thing for a handful of loose coins.

Credit - Fell (back matters).

Thoughts on the idea, the ethos behind it, and the comic if you've read it? If you've not, feel free to ask me about it.

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Okay, issue four is out now, and it's supposed to be very, very good (I'm picking it up on Saturday).

You don't need to read other issues, and it costs less than two dollars. While it's less pages than most, trust me, it will take you longer to read. This is one of the best non-capes comics out there at the moment. Each issue is a complete, self contained story.

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