Episode 848


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Great episode gentlemen. I saw this the other night, and though I do intend to get into the series proper, this bored me enough to wait a bit before giving it a shot.

With regards to same-sex couples in the Star Wars universe, I initially interpreted the two aliens who Finn was gonna run away with as one: Both had masculine-sounding voices and were walking arm-in-arm as they left Maz's place. On second viewing, however, I noticed that less human of the two had a peg leg, so his partner may just have been helping him walk.

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Yep, it was totally Dan who suggested covering this movie. It was in no way shape or form me on multiple occasions across multiple platforms over the span of the two or three years since you guys covered The Holiday Special. Nope, not me at all. Just Dan. Yep.

I personally love the fandom that's sprung up around Foe (or Pinn). I don't quite buy Finn being part of it but Poe, yeah, tons of people have been getting the subtext that he might have a thing for Finn. Oscar Issac has been throwing plenty of wood on this fire himself. He said on Ellen that his character is part of a subtle romance. Considering the only character that he interacts with his Finn... well...

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