Episode 23


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While checking in on a planet previously visited by humans, Kirk and Spock discover a world of would-be 1920s Chicago mobsters ("A Piece of the Action"). Following that, The Enterprise is plagued by a massive single-cell organism ("The Immunity Syndrome"). (Please pardon the slight echo of Mike's line.) [ 55:50 || 27.3 MB ]

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On the subject of the sexism count regarding the fact that half of the crew was said to be female, and that was exactly the half of the crew that was succumbing to the alien amoeba fatigue the earliest...

I have to say when Mike was explaining that, that cracked me up. Certainly the fact that having 50% of the crew being women is appreciable, but that honestly feels to me like throwing gender equality a bone but not a big enough bone to shove aside male domination. Because it makes the men look all the better if the ship is undergoing a widespread viral attack and they've withstood it the longest after the initial onslaught. It doesn't matter if they're are a bunch of women officers present if they're still gonna be shown as to having not the same level of biological fortitude as the men. It would be like...IDK, if the Mystery Inc. gang were as equally represented as it is now (two men, two women) but Shaggy and Velma's genders were switched.

Thinking about it though, if half the crew is women why was Kirk bitching about it in that early episode in regards to having Rand present on the bridge?

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Listening to a Fantastic Four podcast go over the vintage issues 91-93 where The Thing is brought to a planet featuring mobsters, and Ben is forced into a gladiator fighting situation.

That story ran during the summer of 1969, so it was speculated that Jack Kirby must have gotten the idea of the planet filled with mafia stereotypes from A Piece of The Action.  

I'll probably email this as well, but I wonder at what point did Trek start permeating various other realms of the culture in terms of influencing certain aspects, such as a planet filled with 1920s Chicagoland gangsters.

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