Episode 24


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Captain Kirk pushes war on an old friend ("A Private Little War"), and three godlike aliens attempt to build android bodies ("Return to Tomorrow"). Also: Impassioned speeches by Kirk and Doctor McCoy, Spock acting like a man possessed, Nurse Chapel being useful, medicinal punches, and Diana Muldaur before she was Doctor Pulaski. [ 1:09:40 || 33.9 MB ]

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When does the trope of Kirk "lacing up his boots means he got lucky" start?

I know you guys are literally a season and a half into it by now, but that was the answer in a trivia quiz about what was usually the "code" for Kirk getting some, and I wonder with the lack of wanted smooching that seems to have happened with Kirk's character, belying that particular "trait" of the character, if that scenario had ever been shown yet.

I don't know where the people running the quiz got that particular "factoid" from, I'll do a quickie Google search after I hit reply, but I'd think that "count" could be added to the stats with Kirk kissing, if it supposedly is tied into Kirk having consensual relations, as opposed to being mind controlled or whatever its been so far with the smooching count, then it probably would be something to track.

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Okay...now I feel like the chucklehead.  Doing some Google-fu suggest there is only one "aftermath" scene of Kirk putting on his boots in the episode "Wink of An Eye"

Why the question was used beyond continuing the idea of Kirk as a womanizer is beyond me, as it clearly implies that the scene was as cliched on the show as Red Shirts being the ones to be killed on away missions.  When in actuality, the action only happens the one time on the show.



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Granted, we're not done with TOS, so this statement may eventually prove false, but it would seem Data got laid more than Kirk on their respective shows. Tasha Yar and Data got together in "The Naked Now," and "In Theory" saw Data experimenting with his dating program. (Though it's never said he was intimate with Jenna D'Sora, it can very easily be inferred.) Meanwhile, Kirk has had women from his past appear, but he's slept with no one thus far.

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