Episode 866


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The final installment of The Twelve Labours of Comic Reel-lief sees Ian Wilson return to give a final recap of the comic book movies of 2015 and to preview all of the ones due out in 2016, which will be subject to future reviews. But has he done enough to appease the PanDemon and get rid of him for good? [ 28:20 || 14.0 MB ]

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Well done, Hercul-Ian! A damn fine way to breath new life into your segment :)

On a more critical note, though, I have two questions:

-I know that Mike's made his feelings known about the film already and that scheduling a feasible recording time with two other co-hosts is probably a labor in itself. Even so, is there no chance of you, Mike, and James covering Batman v. Superman as part of the Dark Knight Discussions?

-Have you actually read any comic books by Mark Millar or are you relying on hearsay?

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be covered, but not before we do Superman II, III, IV, Returns, and Man of Steel. Then Dark Knight Discussions will crossover with the Superman movie segment. (Does it have a name?) So, I would expect coverage to be in 2022.

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In my head, it's been 'Man of Steel Meanderings'. And I've been looking forward to the future instalments because I so enjoy a good Earth-2.Net: The Show movie recap.

(Also not going to rush you. If you weren't enjoying it and did it just because the listenership hurried you into it, neither you nor we would get anything good out of it.)

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